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Yellow Star

The niece of Syvia Perlmutter, one of only twelve child survivors of the Lodz ghetto in Poland, shares her aunt's experiences of the Holocaust in free verse that relates the courage and heartbreak she lived during a time of terrible circumstances. True story of my Aunt Sylvia's childhood in the Holocaust in WWII. Out of 270,000 people who entered the Lodz Ghetto in Poland, only 12 children walked out alive. My aunt was one of the twelve....

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Yellow Star Reviews

  • David

    Poignant and power

    The innocence of the narrator juxtaposed with the pain and depravity of their experience makes this a powerful narrative. The structure of the verse captures the voice as well. This is a quick and emotional read, telling the horrible experience of the 200,000+ Jews imprisoned in the Lodtz ghetto during World War II. I did not know this particular story, nor how hopeless this environment wa, with only 800 survivors, with only 12 children. The choice to tell the story from a 5-10

  • Lisa Vegan

    It sounds like such a cliché but I really could not put down this book, and I read it in one day; I don’t know how many hours it took but even though I read slowly, it wasn’t many. This book is riveting. I’ve read many fiction and non-fiction books about the Holocaust and this is now one of my favorites.

    It’s a “based on truth” story, one of those fiction/non-fiction books.

    The author interviewed her aunt, who was one of twelve children to survive the Lodz ghetto during the Nazi occupation in Wor

  • Srividya

    How does one go about reviewing a book that talks about one of the most horrifying times in the history of this world, I wonder? Also, I ask myself if I have the right to actually review this personal memoir of another individual? However, I believe that not saying anything about it would reduce the impact that this book has on the overall genre of post holocaust books. Therefore, here are my humble thoughts about this book.

    This is a true life account of one of the child survivors of the Lodz gh

  • Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe)

    4.75 stars

    review to follow

  • Amanda

    This was a quick, but important book and would be an emotional read aloud to students/children studying the Holocaust.

  • Melissa (ladybug)

    "In 1945, the war ended. The Germans surrendered, and the ghetto (Lodz, Poland) was liberated. Out of more than a quarter of a million people, only about 800 walked out of the ghetto. Of those who survived, only twelve were children."
    This book is the story of one of these children. Syvia was in the ghetto from age 4 to the day before her 10th birthday.

    This book was formatted in a kind of free verse. It reminded me of poetry. Poetry of life and of horror. I read it in one day, but I had to take ...more

  • Wendy

    Like some other true WWII stories written for children, this has been published as fiction; I'm not sure why.

    I thought at first that the style was really going to annoy me (I wouldn't really call it free verse, myself, so much as just breaking up the lines), but after a couple of pages I got used to it. The voice is very believable as that of a child growing throughout the book from 4 years to 9 years. The story is simply told, but really stunning, especially in the second half. There's nothing

  • Darwin Herrera

    There was a lot of drama, and I kinda liked it. I liked it because it was gruesome and descriptive , and it is true.