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Trouble in Paradise

After her divorce, best-selling romance author, Mary Jane Marsh Simmons decided to move all seven of her girls out of the big city and back home to her hometown, Nacona, Texas. So when the last remaining relative of Miz Raven died and the Paradise was put on the market, she bought it, an old house that had been a brothel during the cattle trial days in Spanish Fort, Texas. Joe Clay Carter had just retired from twenty years in the Marines, Special Forces. He'd lived through wars and rumors of wars and decided to go home to Nacona to do nothing but play poker, draw his retirement check and enjoy life. Two weeks later he was bored stiff, his motel room closing in on him, and he was seriously thinking of reenlisting until high old high school crush, Mary Jane, came to his door asking him to remodel her new house.As teenagers Mary Jane never gave Joe Clay a second glance, so he was surprised by her offer. Immediately they shook on the deal and he moved into her house to get started. Much to his surprise, the house came filled to the roof with little girls, good food, and crazy conversation, all wrapped up in a house that needed a minor miracle to fix by Christmas. He wasn't sure if he could get it done in time but he was willing to try. If only Mary Jane was willing to give him a chance too....

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Trouble in Paradise Reviews

  • Cindi

    She hates him.. thats just clear, right? She's rude and arrogant to him and treats him like "help" and stomps off like a petulant child , slamming doors over nothing.... He is kind and funny and thoughtful and a man of his word . Yes, he says he doesn't like kids , but he shows something entirely different! Then after 4 weeks of seeing if she can "trust him" , (they *** *******)? Seriously? Very rushed ending. So sad , I really liked Joe ... I loved all the kids .. you can keep M.J.

  • Donna

    I am falling in love with this writer.

    This book was adorable. The characters were really well thought out and made me sad when the book came to an end.

  • Hollie

    This was a decent freebie. It was basically the journey of a woman discovering herself all over again. Her husband divorced her for a young rich lady and basically abandoned her and her 7 daughters. Money was never an issue. I found the plot to be unrealistic but still cute. There really was no great conflict. I did like the banter between the children. The romance was lacking. I would rate it a PG at best. Aside from a couple of kissing scenes between the main couple there was no intimacy. My m ...more

  • Martha J Nelson

    So much fun!!!

    Believe me you will think you are right there in person as you read this book. It is so descriptive and fast paced that you won't be able to lay it down. I can't get enough of her books.

  • Annie Uli

    Sweet story

    I enjoyed the book very much. Four stars because I became frustrated with the heroine's character being so difficult and argumentative. Romantic, funny, and enjoyed the little girls characters. I'm a single mom myself, and wish I could find such a handyman.

  • Collette


    A good heart warming story. I really like the way your thinking goes. You write a great love story without the in depth sex that others seem to have to throw in. This is the first book of yours I have read but I look forward to reading many more.

  • ruth early

    This is a big 5 stars

    This book is a lighthearted funny story with a romantic and happy ending. If you are looking for a sexy novel you won’t find it here but I loved it! A great summer read.

  • Uvi

    This was a quaint and quirky book. I enjoyed that the the plot was realistic and not over the top.