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Here Is Where: Discovering America's Great Forgotten History

The centerpiece of a major national campaign to indentify and preserve forgotten history, Here Is Where is acclaimed historian Andrew Carrolls fascinating journey of discovery in which he travels to each of Americas fifty states and explores locations where remarkable individuals once lived or where the incredible or momentous occurred.Sparking the idea for this audiobook was Carrolls visit to the spot where Abraham Lincolns son was once saved by the brother of Lincolns assassin. Carroll wondered, How many other unmarked places are there where intriguing events unfolded -- or where extraordinary men and women made their mark? And then it came to him: the idea of spotlighting great hidden history by traveling the length and breadth of the United States, searching for buried historical treasure.In Here Is Where, Carroll drives, flies, boats, hikes, kayaks and trains into the past, and in so doing, uncovers stories that inspire thoughtful contemplation, occasional hilarity and often, awe. Among the things we learn:*Where the oldest sample of DNA in North America was discovered*Which obscure American scientist saved 400 million lives*Which famous FBI agent was the brother of a notorious gangster*Which cemetery contains one million graves but only one marked*How a 14 year old boy invented televisionFeatured prominently in Here Is Where are an abundance of firsts (including the first elevator, the first modern anesthesia, the first cremation, and the first murder conviction based on forensic evidence), outrages (from massacres, to forced sterilizations, to kidnappings) and breakthroughs (from the invention of the M-1 carbine to the recovery of the last existing sample of Spanish Flu to the building of the rocket that made possible space travel).A profound reminder that the ground we walk is often the top sedimentary layer of amazing past events, Here Is Where represents just the first step in an ongoing project that will recruit citizen historians to preserve what should be remembered....

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Here Is Where: Discovering America's Great Forgotten History Reviews

  • Jason

    If you are looking for an informative read on American history regarding important people and events that get undeservedly overlooked, Andrew Carroll's "Here Is Where: Discovering America's Forgotten History" provides the material you seek. Carroll enlightens the reader with multitudinous information, engages his audience to reflect and consider pivotal moments in time, and illustrates for us all how fragile one's legacy, no matter how impactful, can become.

    Carroll provides plenty of amusing and

  • Bronwyn

    Won through Goodreads.

    More like 4.5 stars, but I'll give it 5.

    I really enjoyed this book. Carroll went around the U.S. traveling to places that were important to our history but have been forgotten and don't have markers. The book is broken down into sections based on what the event was; there is a section for medical history, technological history, graves/death history, preservation of history, and more. Some of these sections I enjoyed more than others. I didn't enjoy the medical section as mu

  • Dave

    "At its best, history nurtures within us humility and gratitude. It encourages respect and empathy. It fosters creativity and stimulates the imagination. It inspires resilience. And it does so by illuminating the simple truth's an absolute miracle that any one of us is alive today...and that we are, above everything else, all in this together."

    When your passion is history, and you struggle for years to communicate why history carries significance to teenagers, it is altogether settling

  • Martha

    This is a charming review of people, places, and events in U.S. history that have been forgotten or misplaced or swept under the carpet because of embarrassing associations. The author's passion for his subject is contagious, the chapters are relatively short, and the information he presents is well organized. He's got a real talent for finding common threads in events and people that seem at first disparate. This is, no doubt, the result of the extensive research he did which led him from plac ...more

  • Sarah

    This is totally my jam: stories about the people that inhabit our history, and the fact that a lot of these people are largely overlooked or forgotten only made it more fascinating. I had no idea that one man developed a huge chunk of our commonly used vaccines (Maurice Hilleman), or that the Goddard Space Flight Center was only named that after a patent infringement settlement. This book is chock full of dozens of people and events I'd never heard of, but was delighted to learn about.

    A couple o

  • Cindi

    there were some interesting facts & bits of trivia in this one, but I questioned some of the sources & didn't care for the writing style.

    I chose this one because I wanted to take part in a challenge w the subject of travelogue & this was the closest I could find available at the library, and this was an audio - all that was in. I like the idea of celebrating small, little known & out of the way historical markers. I've actually reserved the print book to look over again.

  • Ryan

    If you didn't know that Edwin Booth saved the life of Robert Todd Lincoln, months before his brother assassinated President Lincoln, you aren't alone. I had no clue, and that's the point of this book. The author, Andrew Carroll, who had files upon files of little know historical oddities, decided to travel the United States, visiting the sites of pivotal points in American history, that most of us have forgotten about. And forgotten is probably not the right word, let's just say this book is ful ...more

  • Caroline

    I picked this up because I, like Carroll, am a self-proclaimed history nut and it looked like a fun little romp through some forgotten episodes in America's history. 'Forgotten' is not perhaps the best word to use - if all the people and places mentioned in this book were truly forgotten, there would be no way for anyone, let alone the author, to know about them at all. 'Neglected' is perhaps a better term, or 'bypassed'.

    There's no great depth to this book, but it was a lively, engaging read, an