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God: A Story of Revelation

Deepak Chopra, whose extraordinary Enlightenment series includes the phenomenal New York Times bestsellers Buddha and Jesus, delivers the most powerful installment yet: God. In this beautiful and thought-provoking teaching novel--a Story of Revelation--one of the Western World's acknowledged master teachers of Eastern philosophy and preeminent influencers in the realm of spirituality and religion reveals the evolving nature of God. Here is truth and enlightenment for the next generation of spiritual seekers; a book Deepak Chopra's millions of fans worldwide have been waiting for....

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God: A Story of Revelation Reviews

  • Oscar

    There are parts of this book I read many times over; the Chopra analysis of the book of Job, Paul, Socrates, Shankara and a few others. The fictional narrative on these same subjects was not really what I liked. In Chopra's well studied brain give his analysis on these few subjects I found profound insights and understandings. I wished there were more; as the book just broached the subject.

  • Joseph

    This book provides insight into the various interpretations of "god," using historical narratives featuring many great figures in the history of thought. While the book is organized around a common theme, each chapter stands on its own, featuring a story that involves a different dimension of what the energy or spirit that is god means. I found myself reading and then re-reading these stories, and coming away satisfied that Chopra has provided us with thoughtful illustrations that are spiritual, ...more

  • Jacqui

    I kept waiting for this book to get better and it never did. I guess I was expecting more than a shallow/cursory look at 10 historical figures who received "revelations" from God. The concept was great; unfortunately, the writing didn't live up to the task the concept set for it. I shouldn't hae wasted my time reading this.

  • Fadillah

    This is truly amazing read. It brought different contemplation and interpretation one could have in their belief and faith. God himself is different in everybody's mind is what i can sum it up from the book. Deepak has this peculiar way of attracting people to join him in the tale of finding God especially via perspective of the historical figures featured in the book. I never heard some of the names featured here in the book but I'm glad i know now after i finished this book.

  • Jason

    Enjoyed the format of the book, with different historical figures through history. Deepak Chopra does a nice job of weaving common threads to connect these people from different time periods. Enjoyed it very much!

  • Shirley Yant

    Pretty deep reading but persevered.

  • Matthew

    You can tell in his book what Chopra believes in compared to other faiths in the world. Chopra picked out 10 saints or people he thought portrayed his idea of God and reflected on one piece he pulled out of these people's lives.

    As we will find with all books on life, they are interpretations from a person about how they think they have encountered Christ. Even though the people Chopra picked out preached humility and togetherness, Chopra chooses certain situations of people of certain faiths and

  • Lammoth

    Поредната книга на любимото ни индийче Глупак Чопра е на пазара, а и без да съм я чел вече знам за какво ще ни говори - все неща от сорта на "Ооо, огледайте се наоколо, светът е прекрасен, юху! Бог ви праща лечебни квантови полета, които ви изпълват с божия енергия, юху! Усетете красотата и силата във вас, амммм....".

    Фактът, че Чопра е един от най-продаваните автори само показва колко много обладани от квантови полета и метанови газове има наоколо, а изглежда тези "магически" потоци от енергия д