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I Love to Keep My Room Clean

Free video-book inside! I Love to Keep My Room Clean (children's book) (Bedtime stories children's books collection) Kids are masters of mess-making, especially in their rooms! How can you teach them to take care of their playthings and to keep things tidy? This childrens book can motivate the kids to take responsibility and keep their room organized. Follow along as little bunny Jimmy and his brothers learn their lesson in this picture book. They learn to work together, clean up their room, and organize their toys. Once they finish, they finally have room for more fun and understand how important it is to keep their room clean. This book is the part of the collection of short bedtime stories for children. This story may be ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime and enjoyable for the whole family as well! The gorgeous pictures will captivate your kids' hearts, and they will love to read this childrens book over and over again. It is suitable as a read-aloud book for preschoolers at bedtime or a self-read book for older children. Scroll up and buy this childrens book now. Your children will love going back to this picture book again and again....

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I Love to Keep My Room Clean Reviews

  • Brenda

    It's a sunny Saturday morning and three bunny brothers want to sleep in. Their mother is going out so their father will be watching them. She reminds them of the chores they need to do before they can play. She also tells them that if they play in their room then they need to put everything back in it's place once they are done. But will the three bunny brothers listen to her?

    I Love To Keep My Room Clean is a cute little book that reminds youngsters the importance of picking up after themselves.

  • rebecca howell

    This is a great book I read it to my grandchildren they loved it

  • Bella

    Cultivate manners by reading

    Good book for kids in making them understand the importance of a clean room. A good game being taught to keep the room clean. Will read it to my little one.

  • Edgars

    Una versione gratuito di Kindle.

    Ho comminciato imparare Italiano in Luglio 1. Quindi volevo pratticare tutti i aspetti della lingue nuova. Ho provato leggere alcuni articoli in Internet, ma poi ho trovato, che' Kindle offre alcuni libri dei bambini per gratuito. Credo che questi libri potrebbero essere piu' facili per capire. Comminciaro' con loro!

    Non so, se questo articolo sia piu' o meno correto. Questo e' il mio primo articolo, che' ho scritto in Italiano. Penso, che ci siano molto errori :)


  • Julie Barrett

    I Love to Keep My Room Clean by Shelley Admont

    free gift. colorful children's book about the kids and how they can sleep in on the weekend.

    She will go visit her granny and leave the bunny family at home with dad.

    They must clean their room and keep the rest of the house clean and organized like it is right now.

    Talks about what they do while she's gone LOL They do everything but clean the house because they know they have plenty of time...

    Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

  • Alisha

    Este fue un buen libro. Bastante simple para mí entender, pero todavía desafiando para alguien todavía aprendiendo. Tuve que buscar unas palabras. Me gustó la historia general. Por supuesto que sería bueno para los niños.

  • Lori

    Great book for a first grader to read!

    This book was chosen for my granddaughter to read aloud to me. She enjoyed the story and also she enjoyed the pictures. I hope the book will help her learn from the bunnies lesson about picking up your stuff when you are done playing!

  • Vicki

    This book was great because it was a way to impress in a humorous manner the importance of keeping their room clean. The six year old enjoyed the book and was very excited to find that when you purchase the eBook you gain access to a free video book.

    With funny voices and active pictures it brought the book to life. So she got to hear the same story twice.

    The bunnies were cute and were willing to try to do the right thing.