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The Nazis murdered their husbands but concentration camp prisoners Priska, Rachel, and Anka would not let evil take their unborn children tooa remarkable true story that will appeal to readers of The Lost and The Nazi Officers Wife, Born Survivors celebrates three mothers who defied death to give their children life.Eastern Europe, 1944: Three women believe they are pregnant, but are torn from their husbands before they can be certain. Rachel is sent to Auschwitz, unaware that her husband has been shot. Priska and her husband travel there together, but are immediately separated. Also at Auschwitz, Anka hopes in vain to be reunited with her husband. With the rest of their families gassed, these young wives are determined to hold on to all they have lefttheir lives, and those of their unborn babies. Having concealed their condition from infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, they are forced to work and almost starved to death, living in daily fear of their pregnancies being detected by the SS. In April 1945, as the Allies close in, the inmates are sent to Mauthausen concentration camp on a hellish seventeen-day train journey. On the seventieth anniversary of Mauthausens liberation from the Nazis by American soldiers, renowned biographer Wendy Holden recounts this extraordinary story of three children united by their mothers unbelievableyet ultimately successfulfight for survival....

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Born Survivors Reviews

  • Ângelo


    Entre as vítimas do Holocausto enviadas para Auschwitz em 1944, três mulheres levavam consigo um segredo quando passaram pelos portões do infame campo de concentração.

    Priska, Rachel e Anka estavam grávidas de poucas semanas, enfrentando um destino incerto longe dos seus maridos. Sozinhas, assustadas, e após terem perdido tantos familiares às mãos dos nazis, sentiam-se determinadas em lutar pelo que lhes restava: as vidas dos seus bebés.

    Estas mulheres deram à luz em circunstâncias inima

  • Kristi

    Staggering facts: In six years, the Nazis had killed approximately two thirds of the nine-and-a-half million Jews living in Europe, as well as millions of non-Jews. Only 300,000 of Poland's 3.3 million Jews had survived WWII. The United States eventually accepted some 400,000 refugees but denied many more access to a new life here. Unwelcome anywhere else in the world, many Polish Jews had little alternative but to return to what was by then a Soviet puppet state.

    With survival admittedly just a

  • Anna

    An astonishing story. It is good to be reminded from time to time how horrible people can be and also how remarkably resilient.

  • Winter Sophia Rose

    Unforgettable, Heartbreaking, Compelling, Moving & Inspiring! A Truly Amazing Read! I Loved It!

  • Dora Santos Marques

    Embora devore tudo o que tenha a ver com este tema e atualmente existirem tantos livros destes, este foi dos livros que mais me marcou em toda a vida.

    Excepcionalmente bem escrito, onde todos os factos e relatos são comportados por uma investigação zelosa.

    Mesmo assim e conhecendo o que se passou, dei por mim várias vezes a chorar e compulsivamente. É um livro que deveria de ser lido por todas as pessoas.

    Atenção que o livro tem imensas gralhas, inclusive, erros ortográficos.

  • Carrie-Anne O'Driscoll

    This book, simply put.... moved me. I'm not Jewish. As far as I know none of my relatives perished during the Holocaust. In fact, aside from telling the stories contained within these pages, the events affect me not at all. Yet, it does.

    When I was 16, my parents took me to Germany. Specifically, to Dachau. There I met a man named Martin. He was a Polish officer who refused to support the Third Reich. He walked me through the camp pointing at things and saying, "They hung my father from that tr

  • OV

    "Esta é uma história que deve contar às pessoas o que não pode acontecer outra vez."

    É História, todos sabemos o que aconteceu e como aconteceu. Mas ao contrário de milhões de outras histórias sobre esta guerra, a história - real - narrada neste livro é uma história de sobrevivência. É um relato duro, sem filtros, com cores e cheiros, contado a três tempos - antes, durante e depois - e a 3 vozes - Priska, Rachel e Hanka. É um livro muito bem escrito, detalhado - percebe-se todo o trabalho de inv

  • itsmyselfines


    Um livro de cortar a respiração e partir o coração.