Read Hope and Other Luxuries: A Mother's Life with a Daughter's Anorexia by Clare B. Dunkle Online

Hope and Other Luxuries: A Mother's Life with a Daughter's Anorexia

Clare Dunkle seemed to have an ideal lifetwo beautiful, high-achieving teenage daughters, a loving husband, and a satisfying and successful career as a children's book novelist. But it's when you let down your guard that the ax falls. Just after one daughter successfully conquered her depression, another daughter developed a life-threatening eating disorder. Co-published with Elena Vanishing, the memoir of her daughter, this is the storytold in brave, beautifully written, and unflinchingly honest proseof one family's fight against a deadly disease, from an often ignored but important perspective: the mother of the anorexic....

Title : Hope and Other Luxuries: A Mother's Life with a Daughter's Anorexia
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Hope and Other Luxuries: A Mother's Life with a Daughter's Anorexia Reviews

  • Sarah

    Before reading this memoir, I had said I would never pick up another ED book. Well, heavens, I am thankful that this one found me. While I did find bits indulgent and I thought it ran a bit long, I actually enjoyed reading the fragments from Clare Dunkle's fiction. I was pleasantly surprised to relate to her, while also admiring her capacity to love and her determination. This book brought me tremendous comfort. Each family has their own story, but the Dunkle's have given me hope when I didn't t ...more

  • Shawna Fox

    Hope and Other Luxuries is a very in depth book about Clare's journey dealing with her daughter's anorexia. This book at times made me feel intruged, want to scream, and at times want to cry for all the pain Clare and her family went through. It's a very interesting read and being a mom of little girls it made me pray that I don't have to go through what she did. I did find that at times it was a little drawn out and maybe bits and pieces could have been omitted to shorten it. Overall it's a ver ...more

  • Beth Dixon

    This is the first book that's ever made me cry. Her writing was so raw and beautiful, I found myself wiping tears at multiple points throughout this book.

  • Alyssa

    The book started out more like a memoir of the author's childhood, which could potentially be an interesting story, but it's not what I wanted to read. Fortunately, once the Elena story began, it was an engrossing one. It's always interesting to hear both sides of the story, and that's what you get if you've already read "Elena Vanishing."

  • Rosie

    ‘Hope and Other Luxuries’ tells of the author’s experiences as she witnesses her daughter’s battle with Anorexia Nervosa. It explores her fears, hopes and own mental health over the years that her daughter struggles.

    I particularly enjoyed reading this after reading ‘Elena Vanishing’, which tells the same story but through the daughter’s perspective. Both versions are very different, from style of writing to their actions and thoughts and feelings.

    Alongside her perspective of Elena’s eating disor

  • Gracie

    'Hope and Other Luxuries' is a book that I will never forget. I originally read 'Elena Vanishing' which was also a memoir written from Claire Dunkle's daughter's point of view. After reading that amazing book, I knew I needed to read this one.

    This book is written from the mother's (author) point of view. Because of this, the book is so raw and authentic. I had a hard time putting it down.

    Claire is the mother of her two daughters Elena and Valerie. Elena has anorexia and it's been a constant bat

  • Kirsten

    I feel like I was robbed of a week and a half of reading time with this book. Like, rarely has a book under-delivered so hard on a super interesting, promising concept. I know nothing about eating disorders and this book promised to speak about a family's experience with them -- sounds great, let's give it a go.

    NO - don't give this a go.

    I cannot stress enough how much I do not want you to read this book.

    For one thing, like half of it's just about the mom and her career as a writer. Sure, you wr

  • Lindsey

    I think this book offers a really important perspective on eating disorders because most eating disorder memoirs are written by the person suffering. This book could be very helpful to other parents or loved ones living with someone with an eating disorder. And as someone in recovery from an eating disorder, it was a beneficial read for me because it's very easier to forget or overlook how your disorder is affecting those around you. Obviously, Clare and Elena's experiences aren't going to be th ...more