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Barrier (Barrier #1)

It's been a few months since the end of our first series, THE PRIVATE EYE and Brian, Marcos and Muntsa are back and proud to present the first issue of their newest effort, BARRIER! This unconventional drama about violence, language and illegal immigration is planned as a 5 part story. We hope you'll like it enough to help us get there!As usual you can pick up this oversized 52 page comic-book for whatever price you want to pay at

Title : Barrier (Barrier #1)
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Number of Pages : 52 pages
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Barrier (Barrier #1) Reviews

  • Javier Muñoz

    una pasada.... un delirio visual, un derroche de imaginación y creatividad, una narración gráfica maravillosa y una idea central que habla sobre las barreras que ponemos a la comunicación, tanto por los distintos idiomas como por nuestras ideas preconcebidas y los bloqueos mentales que nos autoimponemos...

    Liddy, una ranchera Texana bastante conservadora y Oscar, un emigrante ilegal hondureño se ven envueltos en una extraña situación que les obligará a colaborar a regañadientes, ninguno de los do

  • Andrew

    I picked this up during Free Comic Book Day!

    I didn't even realize the creative team of the book when I picked it up (solely because the cover is rad). I thought this was a great prologue, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. The art is fantastic.

  • Nicole

    FCBD 2018

  • Rita

    Grabbed it as part of Free Comic Book Day 2018 and really liked it. Will start collecting the following issues. I need to know what happens next!

  • Carmen

    I picked this up from FCBD not knowing anything except Vaughan's name, and was pleasantly surprised at the exploratory aspects of the issue, from its landscape orientation to the English and Spanish spoken in equal measure.

    There are some unique layout decisions made as part of the change in orientation, giving those pages a sense of being on screen, with the convergence of our main characters being my favourite part. That said, most of it doesn't stray too far from traditional layouts. I don't u

  • Egdares Futch

    One of the main characters is from San Pedro Sula XD

  • Katherine

    I was disturbed by the very detailed adult entertainment one character was watching. It was meant to be for character development, but I would have preferred it to have been implied rather than stated.

  • Ryland Lee

    Fantastic coloring from Muntsa Vicente. And Marcos Martin was wonderful of course. I especially enjoyed the artwork in the last half as the characters backstories draw closer together. Side panels, one for each character, and a central setting/atmosphere panel, really served that portion of the narrative. Sadly, the narrative did feel mostly like backstory. As interesting as the characters were, I expected a bit more narrative depth as there did seem to be the space. That said, the characters an ...more