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This eBook includes the full text of the book plus an exclusive additional chapter from Chip and Joanna that is not found in the hardcover!Are you ready to see your fixer upper?These famous words are now synonymous with the dynamic husband-and-wife team Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of HGTVs Fixer Upper. As this question fills the airwaves with anticipation, their legions of fans continue to multiply and ask a different series of questions, likeWho are these people?Whats the secret to their success? And is Chip actually that funny in real life? By renovating homes in Waco, Texas, and changing lives in such a winsome and engaging way, Chip and Joanna have become more than just the stars of Fixer Upper, they have become Americas new best friends.The Magnolia Story is the first book from Chip and Joanna, offering their fans a detailed look at their life together. From the very first renovation project they ever tackled together, to the project that nearly cost them everything; from the childhood memories that shaped them, to the twists and turns that led them to the life they share on the farm today.They both attended Baylor University in Waco. However, their paths did not cross until Chip checked his car into the local Firestone tire shop where Joanna worked behind the counter. Even back then Chip was a serial entrepreneur who, among other things, ran a lawn care company, sold fireworks, and flipped houses. Soon they were married and living in their first fixer upper. Four children and countless renovations later, Joanna garners the attention of a television producer who notices her work on a blog one day.In The Magnolia Story fans will finally get to join the Gaines behind the scenes and discover:-The time Chip ran to the grocery store and forgot to take their new, sleeping baby-Joannas agonizing decision to close her dream business to focus on raising their children-When Chip buys a houseboat, sight-unseen, and it turns out to be a leaky wreck-Joannas breakthrough moment of discovering the secret to creating a beautiful home-Harrowing stories of the financial ups and downs as an entrepreneurial couple-Memories and photos from Chip and Jos wedding-The significance of the word magnolia and why it permeates everything they do-The way the couple pays the popularity of Fixer Upper forward, sharing the success with others, and bolstering the city of Waco along the wayAnd yet there is still one lingering question for fans of the show: Is Chip really that funny? Oh yeah, says Joanna. He was, and still is, my first fixer upper....

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The Magnolia Story Reviews

  • Sarah Grace

    Ya'll, this was awesome. Chip and Joanna are some of the most amazing people. They are just some of the most down to earth and real people I have ever heard of. This book was a wonderful glance into their busy, beautiful life. It made me laugh hysterically, (Chip has the effect on people, I imagine) and *almost* made me cry. They are just real people, with real issues, and a VERY real God! There is no romanticization, drama, or anything like that with either the TV show or this book. What you se ...more

  • Jennifer

    This book is much like the "Fixer-Upper" TV show that made Chip and Joanna Gaines famous -- wholesome, light, a little bit funny, and no real drama. Die-hard fans of the show will likely love the book. The basic message here is "work hard and follow your dreams. And don't forget that God has a plan for your life". If you like these two, and this sort of message resonates with you, this will be one quick read. Just know that there's not a lot of substance.

  • Pamela

    "It was such a blessing. . . thriving in the middle of pain. Unless you find a way to do that there's always going to be this fake illusion that once you get there - wherever "there" is for you - you'll be happy. But that's just not life. If you can't find happiness in the ugliness, you're not going to find it in the beauty, either." ~ Joanna Gains

    If there is a more gracious, talented, hard-working, joyful, morally astute, and down-to-earth reality-show couple featured on HGTV (or any other netw

  • Michaila

    Encouraging. Inspiring. Truthful.

    The Gaines keep their testimony of strong morals and Christ in everything they do. It's beautiful to see that TV stars who are so often in the spotlight can show their love for God.

  • Lauren

    This was SUCH a good book! I enjoyed every second & was sad when it was over. I always liked them from Fixer Upper, I don't watch all the time or anything... but after reading this book I LOVE them! Even though this story is about their life and how they got to where they are, it is packed with life lessons. I found myself really thinking about my own decisions and if fear is holding me back from certain things.. etc. It is not a self-help book but I got so much from it. A rare 5-stars from ...more

  • Courtney

    I like Chip and Joanna. HOWEVER. I have a feeling this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I thought this book made them look...not good. Whether it was Chip leaving his newborn baby home alone TWICE, tying said baby's car seat to his 4-wheeler, or buying multiple homes and forcing his wife/family to move, supposedly without ever discussing it with her,or whether it was Joanna lamenting over her tiny yard that somehow could hold a garden, a pergola, a dining area, and a chicken coop. Or may ...more

  • Jason Koivu

    This book was my bowling-ball-with-my-name-on-it gift to my wife this Christmas, à la Homer's gift to Marge in that old Simpsons episode. What I'm saying is I bought this for her, but it was really for me.

    Thing is, I knew she'd love it, and she did. She read it in its entirety on Christmas day. I finally got around to it just now, but once I got into it, I also gobbled it up quick. You see, we're both big fans of Chip and Jojo, the hosts from the tv show Fixer Upper. We've watched plenty (too m

  • Celeste

    I have a slight addiction to HGTV. It’s not a constant addiction; it merely flares up from time to time. However, there is one HGTV show that I always watch as soon as an episode airs, and that show is Fixer Upper. I love Chip and Jo’s relationship, and the family dynamic they have with their four kids. I love seeing little snippets of their life on their farm and how Jo handles Chip’s endearing but exasperating dorkiness. I love how involved they are in their community, and how supportive they ...more