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The Woman on the Orient Express

Hoping to make a clean break from a fractured marriage, Agatha Christie boards the Orient Express in disguise. But unlike her famous detective Hercule Poirot, she cant neatly unravel the mysteries she encounters on this fateful journey.Agatha isnt the only passenger on board with secrets. Her cabinmate Katharine Keelings first marriage ended in tragedy, propelling her toward a second relationship mired in deceit. Nancy Nelsonnewly married but carrying another mans childis desperate to conceal the pregnancy and teeters on the brink of utter despair. Each woman hides her past from the others, ferociously guarding her secrets. But as the train bound for the Middle East speeds down the track, the parallel courses of their lives shift to intersectwith lasting repercussions.Filled with evocative imagery, suspense, and emotional complexity, The Woman on the Orient Express explores the bonds of sisterhood forged by shared pain and the power of secrets....

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The Woman on the Orient Express Reviews

  • Ladyslott

    In 1926 Archibald Christie asked Agatha Christie for a divorce; Agatha Christie disappeared for 11 days, suffering from what was termed a mental fugue. In 1928 Archibald Christie married again. This fictional story depicts Agatha disappearing again on the eve of Archie’s wedding, traveling incognito on the Orient Express to Baghdad.

    This was an interesting mystery, but not a murder mystery. While aboard the train Agatha befriends two other women, all three of the women are keeping secrets and ov

  • Jeanette

    The train ride to Damascus is long. The stoppages and well met along the way both squalid and elegant. The women interesting and troubled. All for various reasons.

    The book is too long. The travelogue stops both smelly and breath-taking to visuals. The women (our prime three) both insular and chatty. And secretive. All for various reasons.

    At the 3/4th point of the book I would have given it a 3 star and noted it was a good emotive "he done me wrong" aftermath mixed with intriguing crosscut Agath

  • Simona Stoica

    Femeia din Orient Express este cadoul ideal pentru fanii Agathei Christie. Glasul lui Hercule Poirot o însoțește pe autoare într-o călătorie exotică, sursă de inspirație pentru viitoare romane și personaje. Prietenia dintre ea, Nancy și Katherine pornește de la o rețea complicată de secrete, dezvăluite în celebrul Orient Express și pe un sit arheolgic, unde Agatha îndrăznește din nou să viseze, să spere și să se îndrăgostească. Fie că este autoare sau personaj, Agatha Christie este minunată.

  • Barbara

    This book had some interesting parts, but I felt that it wasn't very well written. The first half was pretty good, but it seemed to just peter out at the end. I liked the IDEA of the book better than the actual writing. Still, it kept me going to the end.

  • Adela Cacovean
  • Duane

    I gave this 5 stars on "Audible" so I will do the same here. If I had just read the book it probably would have been a 4/4.5, but the narration by the very talented Justine Eyre was superb, thus the 5 stars.

    The writing was very good, and the concept of the story and the plot was great. Ashford created an excellent set of characters for her story, and if you're going to have Agatha Christie be one of them, you better have your A-game. She pulled it off quite nicely; I think Agatha would have bee

  • ☮Karen

    Of all the films made from Agatha Christie books, Murder on the Orient Express has always been my favorite. In the back of my mind ever since, I have wondered about the train, The Orient Express, as it seemed like an amazing way to see and experience life and history all at once.

    This book offered me the next best thing, plus a fictional account of a time Ms. Christie traveled on the train following her divorce in 1928. I just loved this book and learned so much! Agatha meets many interesting and

  • Leslie

    I liked this book far more than I had expected to. I have not yet read any of Agatha Christie's works, and yet the rich story & character development of this book still made it at least a 4-star read that kept me very engaged! The narration was lovely as well. :)