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The Keeper of Lost Things

A charming, clever, and quietly moving debut novel of of endless possibilities and joyful discoveries that explores the promises we make and break, losing and finding ourselves, the objects that hold magic and meaning for our lives, and the surprising connections that bind us.Lime green plastic flower-shaped hair bobblesFound, on the playing field, Derrywood Park, 2nd September.Bone china cup and saucerFound, on a bench in Riveria Public Gardens, 31st October.Anthony Peardew is the keeper of lost things. Forty years ago, he carelessly lost a keepsake from his beloved fiance, Therese. That very same day, she died unexpectedly. Brokenhearted, Anthony sought consolation in rescuing lost objectsthe things others have dropped, misplaced, or accidentally left behindand writing stories about them. Now, in the twilight of his life, Anthony worries that he has not fully discharged his duty to reconcile all the lost things with their owners. As the end nears, he bequeaths his secret lifes mission to his unsuspecting assistant, Laura, leaving her his house and and all its lost treasures, including an irritable ghost.Recovering from a bad divorce, Laura, in some ways, is one of Anthonys lost things. But when the lonely woman moves into his mansion, her life begins to change. She finds a new friend in the neighbors quirky daughter, Sunshine, and a welcome distraction in Freddy, the rugged gardener. As the dark cloud engulfing her lifts, Laura, accompanied by her new companions, sets out to realize Anthonys last wish: reuniting his cherished lost objects with their owners.Long ago, Eunice found a trinket on the London pavement and kept it through the years. Now, with her own end drawing near, she has lost something preciousa tragic twist of fate that forces her to break a promise she once made.As the Keeper of Lost Objects, Laura holds the key to Anthony and Eunices redemption. But can she unlock the past and make the connections that will lay their spirits to rest?Full of character, wit, and wisdom, The Keeper of Lost Things is heartwarming tale that will enchant fans of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, Garden Spells, Mrs Queen Takes the Train, and The Silver Linings Playbook....

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The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan The Keeper of Lost Things has , ratings and , reviews Paromjit said This is a delightful, charming, and comic read set in London and Brighton The Keeper of Lost Things A Novel A charming, clever, and quietly moving debut novel of of endless possibilities and joyful discoveries that explores the promises we make and break, losing and finding The Keeper of Lost Things A Novel Kindle edition by The Keeper of Lost Things A Novel Kindle edition by Ruth Hogan Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like Books Ruth Hogan Official website of Ruth Hogan, author of The Keeper of Lost Things, published by Two Roads Books in January . Keefe and Sophie Lost Cities Keeper Wiki FANDOM Ode to Keefe Sencen, that brave, lovable nut He may not have teal eyes, though he has a really cute Keefe Keefe and Sophie, Keeper of the Lost The Keeper of Lost Causes on Rotten Tomatoes Reviews Based on the international bestseller, the riveting first film in the Department Q series introduces maverick detective Carl Mrck Nikolaj Lie Kaas who, after Beauty Keeper Manage your beauty products with style Beauty Keeper is a mobile app for iOS that manages beauty products and helps to determine production and best before dates encoded by manufacturer. The Lost Escape Room The Outbreak Only available at our Huntington Location A deadly new virus has caused panic in the downtown city streets People are falling ill while there is no Percy the Park Keeper Wikipedia Percy the Park Keeper is an animated children s television series based on the popular books by British author Nick Butterworth It stars Percy, and many wild animals Products Keepers Concealment Need a minimized version of the classic Keeper holster This is it The Keeper Lite is a thinner, lighter version of the original patented Keeper holster.

The Keeper of Lost Things Reviews

  • PorshaJo

    What a cute, quirky, charming book that gives you the 'feels-goods' all over. Sometimes you have to believe, that things happen for a reason. And this book, certainly points that out.

    Anthony Peardew is the keeper of lost things. His wife died many years ago. On the day she died, on the way to meet her, Anthony lost some precious item that she gave to him and made him promise to always keep with him. Anthony was distraught at loosing his wife and also the one item that would keep his promise and

  • Maria Espadinha

    A Cereja que Bóia no Cocktail


    É neste estranho cocktail que esta história acontece!

    E que livro único!

    Daqueles em que se exclama:

    Oh!... Nunca li nada assim!...

    E é sempre tão reconfortante soltar uma exclamação cada vez mais funda!

    Que teima por não sair!

    Deleitei-me a sorver este cocktail de sabores exóticos!... ;)

    E que capa!

    Objectos perdidos, disseminados sobre rosas vermelhas.

    Cada objecto, uma história linda e triste -- uma rosa com espinhos

    Episódios da vida re

  • Meredith

    Witty, Quirky, and Charming!

    The Keeper of Lost Things is an enchanting story about love, loss, friendship, and healing. A wonderful cast of endearing, quirky characters made this book a pleasure to read!

    Writer Anthony Peardew collects lost objects. He’s spent years and years collecting, hoping that one day these items will be returned to their rightful owner. Anthony’s mission stems from his own loss. When Anthony dies, he leaves his collection of lost objects to Laura, his caretaker. Laura i

  • Phrynne

    This book was a real pleasure to read. It had a bit of everything, romance, ghostly presences, magic, mystery and clever literary references being just some. I enjoyed all of the characters especially Sunshine with her quirky speech and odd ways.

    Two main stories alternate and meander gently through the book, interspersed with lovely anecdotes about the lost things. Some of these are quite sharp and counteract the general sweetness of the book. Mind you this is a book which starts and ends with

  • G.J.

    This is a wonderful book, when I read the first few pages I was really not sure, I came across a couple of sentences which I thought "oh no, not dozens of adjectives to just describe one thing" BUT as the story progressed I settled into it and thoroughly enjoyed it. There are so many stories within the book but this doesn't distract from the pleasure of reading it, it enhances it . The variety of characters are by turn entertaining, amusing, irritating, funny . Throughout the whole book there is ...more

  • Rebecca Dunbar

  • Jen

    This was such a delightful, charming, beautifully written novel. ♥ The Keeper of Lost Things had me entranced from start to finish. A little quirky, a little whimsical, a little witty, a little mysterious, a little all added up to one delightful read! In The Keeper of Lost Things we meet Anthony Peardew, a broken hearted widow who begins to collect items he finds after the loss of his beloved. He writes beautiful tales of these found objects and files them away in his study. After he ...more

  • Amanda

    "It had been in his pocket as he stood waiting for Therese on the corner of Great Russell Street. But she never came, and by the time he got home that day, he had lost them both. He went back to look for the medallion. He searched the streets and gutters, but he had known that it was a hopeless task. It was as though he had lost her twice. It was the invisible thread that would have connected him to her even after she was gone, but now it was broken along with his promise to her. And so it was t ...more