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Leah on the Offbeat (Creekwood #2)

Leah Burkegirl-band drummer, master of deadpan, and Simon Spiers best friend from the award-winning Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agendatakes center stage in this novel of first love and senior-year angst.When it comes to drumming, Leah Burke is usually on beatbut real life isnt always so rhythmic. An anomaly in her friend group, shes the only child of a young, single mom, and her life is decidedly less privileged. She loves to draw but is too self-conscious to show it. And even though her mom knows shes bisexual, she hasnt mustered the courage to tell her friendsnot even her openly gay BFF, Simon.So Leah really doesnt know what to do when her rock-solid friend group starts to fracture in unexpected ways. With prom and college on the horizon, tensions are running high. Its hard for Leah to strike the right note while the people she loves are fightingespecially when she realizes she might love one of them more than she ever intended....

Title : Leah on the Offbeat (Creekwood #2)
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ISBN : 9780062643803
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Leah on the Offbeat Creekwood, by Becky Albertalli Leah on the Offbeat has , ratings and , reviews Emily May said I swear, people can t wrap their minds around the concept of a fat girl who do Leah on the Offbeat When it comes to drumming, Leah Burke is usually on beat but real life isn t always so rhythmic An anomaly in her friend group, she s the only child of a young Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli, Hardcover Leah on the Offbeat is not what I expected for the sequel of this series Leah s abrasive personality gets in the way of enjoying the book and the other characters. YA Novels of books books based on votes War Storm by Victoria Aveyard, The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir, Queen of Air and Dar

Leah on the Offbeat (Creekwood #2) Reviews

  • shady boots | #TeamMizCracker

    I loved this so much I loved this so much I LOVED THIS SO MUCH. And thank you for buddy reading this as well as Simon with me, Matthew! You made it all the more fun. 💜

    I'm glad I re-read Simon before this, cause if I went into this book right away then I wouldn't have been as attached to these characters anymore, since it had been so long since the first time I read Simon and I barely remembered them. So thanks to that, re-read, I went into this FULLY invested and wanting to see more of Leah, cau

  • Riley

    4.5 💜💕

    Spoiler thoughts below

    (view spoiler)

  • Kai

    I'm the worst kind of Slytherin. I'm the kind who's so stupidly in love with a Gryffindor, she can't even function.

    Leah. What can I say? At times I love her, other times I don't get her. I'm glad she got her own novel, though. There was a lot going on in Leah's head that we did not see in Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. And of course, with this book, we're invited to revisit all these amazing characters from the previous Creekwood book. And this is the point where my criticism sets in.

    The fir

  • lily

    so here's some things you should know about me before i get into this:

    - i'm bi, and was scared to come out to friends irl for so long, even though the ones i would've told are LGBTQ

    - i'm. well. not on the skinny side of the weight spectrum

    - i am pretty bad at dealing with emotions and can sometimes come across too blunt

    - i doubt my own talents and abilities

    - unrelated, but i'm writing this while very tired

    so you can probably see why this book made me feel so SEEN. i thought simon vs made me feel

  • ellie

    edit: i've decided on 2/5 stars bc they're for simon and his boyfriend bc they're the only good parts of the book WHOOPS i went there

    also i didn't talk about this before, but yes, the bi rep is messy. it kind of pissed me off, honestly. here's a reminder in case you need it: bisexuality doesn't just mean 50/50 for guys and girls. it can mean you're into 99% girls but only like 1% of guys and you would still be valid as a bisexual. (bi people can also like non-binary people too, ofc, it just didn

  • Ava

    Reread 11/17/17: Of course I had to reread this on Becky's birthday. It was even more incredible than the first time.

    5/5 stars, of course. Becky's books deserve no less.

    In my opinion, this is her best book yet, and I cannot wait for everyone to read it. You all are going to fall in love with Leah and her story.

    I read this as an early read. Full review to come closer to release date, because I don't want to give away anything!

  • Claire

    Wow, I really did not enjoy this. I'm probably being unduly harsh because I loved Simon Vs. so much, and did not expect to hate this book as much as I did. Here are some of the reasons this was so agonising to read (BIG SPOILERS AHEAD):

    - Just because you have repressed feelings for someone, doesn't mean you're allowed to treat them like complete shit. The book keeps using YA shorthand like Leah's "brain not working/turning into mush" to retcon Leah's general shittiness to Abby in the previous b

  • abby

    Is it possible for an author to write fanfiction of her own book? Because I'm pretty sure that's what I just read. This book went in a direction that many of Becky Albertalli's fans have been clamoring for and will no doubt enjoy. But readers who aren't invested in that specific endgame might find very little to love in Leah on the Offbeat. Not even Simon can save it.

    It's difficult to give this book a proper review, because the major story line is being treated like a spoiler. It's involves a ro