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The Midnights

Susannah Hayes has never been in the spotlight, but she dreams of following her father, a former rock star, onto the stage. As senior year begins, shes more interested in composing impressive chord progressions than college essays, certain that if she writes the perfect song, her father might finally look up from the past long enough to see her. But when he dies unexpectedly her dreamsand her realityshatter.While Susannah struggles with grief, her mother uproots them to a new city. There, Susannah realizes she can reinvent herself however she wants: a confident singer-songwriter, member of a hip band, embraced by an effortlessly cool best friend. But Susannah is not the only one keeping secrets, and soon, harsh revelations threaten to unravel her life once again....

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The Midnights Reviews

  • Dana Mele

    Sarah Nicole Smetana's debut The Midnights is a delightful must-read for fans of YA contemp, romance, coming of age stories, & girls who rock. Extra nostalgia points if, like me, you spent (or spend) a decent amount of time in rock clubs, tuning guitars, scribbling lyrics and set lists on scraps of paper, and trying to figure out the difference between a good kisser and a good liar.

  • Lea (drumsofautumn)

    DNF at 30%. I'm just gonna stop pretending that I will ever continue reading this. I had a hard time deciding to DNF this because there's nothing I can really say about it. I can't pinpoint an exact reason why I didn't enjoy it, I just simply didn't. I was not attached to any of the characters, I thought they all felt a little bit emotionless (not that they really were but the emotions didn't really come through in the writing). I constantly had to force myself to pick this up and then I still o ...more

  • Heather Ezell

    Visceral and heart breaking, THE MIDNIGHTS explores grief and artistry and the secrets that make up a family, a friendship, an identity in both sharp and subdued layers. The voice is absolutely evocative of Janet Fitch, both in terms of the prose overall but also in the way Sarah captures the raw natures of LA and Orange County. The description does not lie: you can *feel* the scintillating landscape that Susannah navigates -- both the external and internal. And also the music. THE MUSIC. <3

  • Brenda Rufener

    Friendship, family, music, and romance. All layered in a way that will touch your heart and make you feel. Really feel! Also, I appreciated the OC setting. Haven't read many books, although I'm sure they exist, that capture this California atmosphere. Smetana's light stroke paints a vivid picture with all senses evoked. THE MIDNIGHTS is a must-read for 2018! Can't wait to see this book on the shelves.

  • Vicky Skinner

    A heartbreaking and real story with unique pacing and a cast of characters that all have distinct voices. This was a lovely book. It made me want to go out and learn how to play the guitar. Beautiful!

  • Michelle

    Susannah and her father have a bond through music. Her entire existence is connected to music. Her parents actually met at her dad’s concert, his biggest hit was about her mother and Susannah knows her dad quit the band when her mom got pregnant.

    Susannah loves music too. She loves nights spent writing and playing music with her dad. They have a connection that Susannah just doesn’t have with her mom.

    Her dad definitely isn’t a perfect person and he’s not always a great father or husband.

    And her p

  • Nina Test

    Ugh. Definitely falling into a slump.

    Break down of story: Talented musician/father dies leaving his daughter to try an deal with the loss and figure out what happened that night. On top of having to cope with the tragic death of her father, she also has to move, make new friends, and deal with possible love-ish feelings.

    This story deals a lot with music and the passion behind it, so if that resonates with you, try this out. Unfortunately, I don't have a musical talent or passion and got bored

  • Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd)

    “You have to shake your notions of good and bad, and create outside of judgement. Follow the instinct, not he convention.”

    I wanted to love this so much and I just didn’t and that makes me really sad. I was looking for this moving story of grief and family and Susannah finding herself, but this book made me feel absolutely nothing. I didn’t connect to it at all - not the characters, not the relationships, not the plot. Nothing. I can’t remember the last book that I was completely apathetic to ...more