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Miles Away from You

It's been three years since Miles fell for Vivian, a talented and dazzling transgender girl. Eighteen months since a suicide attempt left Vivian on life support. Now Miles isn't sure who he is without her, but knows its time to figure out how to say goodbye.He books a solo trip to Iceland but then has a hard time leaving the refuge of his hotel room. After a little push from Oskar, a local who is equal parts endearing and aloof, Miles decides to honor Vivian's life by photographing her treasured Doc Martens standing empty against the surreal landscapes. With each step he takes, Miles finds his heart healing--even as he must accept that Vivian, still in a coma, will never recover.Told through a series of instant messages to Vivian, this quirky and completely fresh novel explores love, loss, and the drastic distances we sometimes have to travel in order to move on....

Title : Miles Away from You
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Miles Away from You Reviews

  • Amanda Hanson

    Edit 1/11/18: After coming across a couple threads on Twitter about how problematic this book description is for trans youth (and really, anyone) I am removing my rating. I will leave the review here, but I'm going to sit back and let the involved community handle this one.

    This book surprised me in a really good way. I didn't know how I would feel about the format - the instant messages from Miles to Vivian that made up the story - but it ended up reminding me of The Perks of Being a Wallflower,

  • Melissa

    There is a lot of talk around this book that says it's problematic. And I agree, vehemently. There's nothing new that I can say about that subject that hasn't already been said, and furthermore, I'm not exactly who should be speaking to that.

    But on top of that, I don't like the story. It took me five months to read it, because I was uninterested and unimpressed. Miles is a selfish, obsessive boy that I didn't connect with. And his parents just paying for him to go to Iceland by himself when bare

  • Hope Decker

    Reading and reviewing YA literature is something I think is very important, and I hold YA authors to a higher standard than I do authors of adult fiction. This is because the audience of readers is generally in their teens and early adult years, and to a certain extent, this can make them vulnerable. That being said, when I read a YA book that has an outcry of criticism from a group of people I respect, I tend to listen. Miles away from you is one of those books, and I'll do my best to explain m ...more

  • Christina (Ensconced in Lit)

    The contemps this year have been hella good. I don't typically dole out this many five stars in a row. And this one is no exception.

    So I want to preface this by saying this is not my kind of book.

    You may misunderstand what I mean. I don't typically prefer/read male type protagonists and not typically into road trips/traveling abroad to find oneself. So this book was chock full of stuff that I don't usually like or read, and yet... and yet...

    Miles is so typically boy but not. He is fluid on the

  • Lulu (the library leopard)

    a book that uses the suicide of a black trans girl to fuel a white cis dude's plotline?

    hell nooo

    call me back when ya fiction is publishing books with #ownvoices representation of black trans girls in charge of their own stories.

  • Brooke Banks

    Oh hell no with this sacrificial black trans woman to teach a lesson nonsense. Fuck this transphobic and racist shit. BLACK TRANS* WOMEN AREN'T YOUR PLOT POINT.

  • Katie

    I'm gonna withhold judgment until I know more about this, but am I the only person who doesn't want to read about a trans girl getting fridged for the sake of a cis white boy's character arc...?

    Edit 1/11/18: Now that I've seen a lot of people I respect who read ARCs of this and pointed out the transphobia and racism, and having read the book in draft stages and seen the problematic aspects then (and knowing now that the author didn't change anything since then), I'm giving this a 1-star rating.


  • Amy

    Well, that was awful.

    Before I start -- I know there's been some discussion on the premise, and the fridging of a trans character -- I was uneasy going in, but honestly, I wanted to read it because I heard Miles was Demi, and I'm Demi, and I so rarely see Demi characters in books that I was willing to take what I could get.

    This was HORRIFICALLY BAD Demi rep.

    Quite frankly -- Miles is not Demi.

    Just gonna flat out say it. I totally get that everyone has different experiences in the community, and t