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The Darkling Bride

Three generations of Irish nobles face their family secrets in this spellbinding novel from the award-winning author of the Boleyn King trilogy. The Gallagher family has called Deeprath Castle home for seven hundred years. Nestled in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland, the estate is now slated to become a public trust, and book lover and scholar Carragh Ryan is hired to take inventory of its historic library. But after meeting Aidan, the current Viscount Gallagher, and his enigmatic family, Carragh knows that her task will be more challenging than shed thought. Two decades before, Aidans parents died violently at Deeprath. The case, which was never closed, has recently been taken up by a new detective determined to find the truth. The couples unusual deaths harken back a century, when twenty-three-year-old Lady Jenny Gallagher also died at Deeprath under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind an infant son and her husband, a renowned writer who never published again. These incidents only fueled fantastical theories about the Darkling Bride, a local legend of a sultry and dangerous woman from long ago whose wrath continues to haunt the castle. The past catches up to the present, and odd clues in the house soon have Carragh wondering if there are unseen forces stalking the Gallagher family. As secrets emerge from the shadows and Carragh gets closer to answersand to Aidancould she be the Darkling Brides next victim?...

Title : The Darkling Bride
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ISBN : 9780425286456
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 369 pages
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The Darkling Bride Reviews

  • MaryannC.Book Fiend

    3.5 Stars for me. A Gothicky read about the Gallagher family who have owned Deeprath Castle and the sinister secrets the castle seems to hold. After much contemplation Aidan Gallagher has come back home to sell his birth right (Deeprath Castle), his parents having been murdered in the castle when he was a child and the case never solved brings forth a new young detective wanting to solve the murders. In a connected storyline there was another mystery surrounding young bride, Jenny Gallagher who ...more

  • Rachel

    Such a fun book to read! If you like Kate Morton's books, you will definitely like this one. This one is perfect to read on a rainy day and it is suspenseful as you try to figure out the mystery of who did it. I hope Andersen writes more books like this one!

  • Kathleen

    This was such an enjoyable read! Telling the story of one family's history over several hundred years it included a wonderful castle that became a character of the book, amazing landscapes, interesting history, great characters, a bit of romance and a mystery that kept me guessing. It had all the components of a great book that I love and it definitely delivered a really great read. Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Maggies Daisy

    Deeprath castle sits uninhabited in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland, that has been the home of the Gallagher family for well over seven hundred years. With the possible transfer of the building and lands to a public trust all the remaining Gallagher family members converge on the grounds for the final days. But when new evidence is unearthed in an old well, more questions are raised concerning the deaths of several past residents, the ghosts and police become more adamant in their struggles to ...more

  • Caitlin Christensen

    "And then... disaster. In the shape - as so often in men's recounting of history - a woman."

    The Darkling Bride is a glorious romp through Irish myth and legend, and I really couldn't put it down. It's not my usual cup o' tea, so to speak, but I am so glad that I requested a review copy and had that request granted! I have no doubt it will be the best Adult fiction title I read this year. Who wouldn't be sucked in by a generations-old myth come to life in an ancient castle in the middle of nowhe

  • Holly  B

    A gothic tale set in an Irish castle - Deeprath

    Carragh Ryan loves books and she is hired to catalog the library at the castle. She claims she is there for the books, but she becomes entangled in legends, a murder mystery, and more.


    This one has an intriguing story line, but a confusing timeline (three) and quite a few characters turned out to be too distracting. I think a faster pace and less detailed accounts of the backstory would have made this more enjoyable. I struggled with the writing sty

  • Mandie

    I normally don’t read a lot of historical fiction, but I really enjoyed The Darkling Bride! It was full of gothic romance and mystery! It was an intriguing and entertaining read! I would recommend this book.

  • Amy Leigh

    This book took me by surprise! I was thinking it would be a comfortable historical fiction novel I would enjoy and it was so much more. The atmosphere is very Victorian Gothic. The story was non-stop in a good way. I couldn't get enough of this book! I need this physically on my bookshelf!

    First of all everything is centered on a gorgeous 700 year old Irish castle. Then there's the legend of The Darkling Bride, a ghost who stirs up all kinds of trouble if the legends are true. Then there's the mu