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The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story

From the #1 New York Times best-selling author and lifestyle/cleaning guru Marie Kondo, this graphic novelization brings Kondo's life-changing tidying method to life with the fun, quirky story of a woman who transforms her home, work, and love life using Kondo's advice and inspiration.Marie Kondo presents the fictional story of Chiaki, a young woman in Tokyo who struggles with a cluttered apartment, messy love life, and lack of direction. After receiving a complaint from her attractive next-door neighbor about the sad state of her balcony, Chiaki gets Kondo to take her on as a client. Through a series of entertaining and insightful lessons, Kondo helps Chiaki get her home--and life--in order. This insightful, illustrated case study is perfect for people looking for a fun introduction to the KonMari Method of tidying up, as well as tried-and-true fans of Marie Kondo eager for a new way to think about what sparks joy. Featuring illustrations by award-winning manga artist Yuko Uramoto, this book also makes a great read for manga and graphic novel lovers of all ages....

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The Life Changing Manga of Tidying Up A Magical Story The Life Changing Manga of Tidying Up A Magical Story Marie Kond on FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The Life Changing Manga of Tidying Up A Magical Story The Life Changing Manga of Tidying Up A Magical Story Kindle edition by Marie Kondo Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use Last Word Archive New Scientist Manage your subscription Check your subscription package, update your details, renew or upgrade. Staff Feature Fresno County Public Library Staff Feature July Susan Mann Susan Mann Principal Librarian a.k.a Support Services Manager FHQ Central Library Number of years you ve worked for the What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway TV Tropes The comedy manga, Banana no Nana, takes place in a world where everyone has superpowers, which range from the typical but powerful, like water manipulation, to the

The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story Reviews

  • Julie

    This was insightful. Honestly I want to get rid of all the unnecessary junk in my room because I'm always a mess. I haven't started yet so maybe I'll update later on if it worked or not.

  • Bill

    I haven't read the original book and I enjoyed this format since it was a fast read and exactly the amount of time I was willing to devote to the subject. Some of the advice seems sensible but I couldn't take the personification of objects seriously. However, I did appreciate that the protagonist learns to not just do everything "for the time being." Very relatable. Now I just need to tidy up.

  • Lauren

    Konmari revolution - in manga! All the same concepts and categories, and the visual book format was fun to read. People read books like this for inspiration, and it worked! I am konmari-ing my bookshelves and office now. Spark joy!

  • Rose

    Quick review for a quick read. I could say that my initial reaction upon finishing this book was "ERMAHGARD, THIS IS SO CUTE AND INFORMATIVE AND I CAN'T DEAL, AND KONMARI REALLY DOES LOOK LIKE A FAIRY! GAAAAAAAAAHHHH!"

    But then that really would only scratch the surface of the amount of joy that I received from this book. It's a cute story that takes many of the principles from Marie Kondo's "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" and puts it in a story-based manga format. The illustrations in i

  • j e w e l s [Books Bejeweled]

    The KonMari Method of household organization has been bantered about amongst my friends for the last year, but I had not read the book until now. This graphic novel is a super cute, appealing way of presenting the valuable information to all ages. I read it fast, went back to reread sections and I love the illustrations. I have never even looked at a graphic novel before, and I was pleasantly surprised by how fun this one is. The techniques make sense immediately since it is all visual. I loved ...more

  • Irma Agsari

    Jadi, waktu itu habis baca buku ini tibalah seluruh pesanan harbolnasku dari salah satu toko buku online (stres nggak kalo gini) (kobaran semangat decluttering seketika hampir sirna).

    On a more serious note, this is an important read for those who think it's okay to have a lot of stuffs as long as your space looks tidy by keeping them in boxes/cardboards--and too lazy to read the life-changing magic of tidying up--the manga version is quite great as alternative ;)).

  • Alexa

    I got rid of like 80% of my wardrobe, folded by shirts into little packages and stored them upright in a drawer, cleaned out my kitchen closet filled with one-use appliances that I hadn't touched in years, and thanked each item as I donated or trashed it. 10/10 even more effective than the book. This one has handy folding illustrations!

  • Renégade ♥

    4 stars

    This was a cute, fun read.

    It piqued my curiosity, held my interest, and didn't take long to finish.

    Ms. Kondo put forth some interesting ideas and helpful suggestions re: tidying up.

    And, yes, she totally goes there regarding all the books I... I mean, Chiaki has.


    Which are still some of the hardest things in the world for me to let go of...

    (view spoiler)

    Shocking, I know.