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Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World

With her characteristic wit and dazzling drawings, celebrated graphic novelist Penelope Bagieu profiles the lives of these feisty female role models, some world famous, some little known. From Nellie Bly to Mae Jemison or Josephine Bakerto Naziq al-Abid, the stories in this comic biography are sure to inspire the next generation of rebel ladies. ...

Title : Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World
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ISBN : 9781626728691
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 304 pages
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Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World Reviews

  • Kate

    Really liked this. Bagieu avoids bios of the more obvious 'inspiring women' (that are being used to sell the massive run of feminist icon books put there at present) and chooses the more obscure. This is a great thing as I'd much rather read about Las Mariposas that Earhart again.

    My only gripe is the quality of the egalley from the publishers. Quality of text is poor and badly defined, and the art looks scratchy and unrefined in some part Because of this, I can't fully review the art style.

  • emma

    my skin is clear. my gpa is up. spring has come early. i'm hydrated. i have been cured of my nearsightedness.

    i could not have d r e a m e d up a more perfect book.

    this book contains: trans women, gay women, bi women, straight women, pan women, black women, asian women, native american women, middle eastern women, white women, autistic women, disabled women. there are living women and dead women and women who are so dead that it's like, maybe she was born around the year 350? there are women i'v

  • Laura

    There are a ton of books, of late, that are about famous women. And not to knock any of them, but after a while, all of them go over the same women. You get her Harriat Tubmans, and your Helen Kellers, and your Anne Franks.

    This book doesn't go after the ladies you have heard about before, or if it does, it goes at them from a different angle. For example I knew about Hedy Lamarr, inventing a type of radar during world war II, but it never made sense, she being an actress. This telling, explains

  • Jennifer Haight

    From the moment you see the candy-colored cover with bold lettering and design, you know that Brazen by Pénélope Bagieu is something special. Pick it up and you’ll feel an appealing texture and see the appealing glossy spots that highlight some of the powerful women featured inside.

    Twenty-nine women are introduced in this book from athletes to leaders, circus performers to inventors. There’s no shortage of books featuring vignettes of impressive women, but Brazen finds new stories like that of G

  • Erin

    I loved the diversity in this book. There are women featured from different times, different places, different backgrounds. They have made so many different things of themselves: scientists, inventors, activists, lawyers, warriors, perpetually learning and doing. Fascinating.

  • Alicia

    I loved learning about the extraordinary women in this graphic novel. This is a truly inspiring collection of portraits of female pioneers, inventors, and great minds presented with sensitivity and humor. I'll be recommending this to all my teens (and adults)!

  • Suzanne

    THIS IS PHENOMENAL. I really hope Penelope does a sequel.

  • Sam Bloom

    3.5 stars

    How can you create all these mini-bios and not have any back matter in your book?! And I'm concerned about the way some of the profiles are represented (esp a few of the POC). Planning on doing some research and rereading certain sections.