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The Mad Wolf's Daughter

A Scottish medieval adventure about the youngest in a war-band who must free her family from a castle prison after knights attack her home.One dark night, Drests sheltered life on a remote Scottish headland is shattered when invading knights capture her family, but leave Drest behind. Her father, the Mad Wolf of the North, and her beloved brothers are a fearsome war-band, but now Drest is the only one who can save them. So she starts off on a wild rescue attempt, taking a wounded invader along as a hostage.Hunted by a bandit with a dark link to her familys past, aided by a witch whom she rescues from the stake, Drest travels through unwelcoming villages, desolate forests, and haunted towns. Every time she faces a challenge, her five brothers speak to her in her mind about courage and her role in the war-band. But on her journey, Drest learns that the war-band is legendary for terrorizing the land. If she frees them, theyll not hesitate to hurt the gentle knight whos become her friend.Drest thought that all she wanted was her family back; now she has to wonder what their freedom would really mean. Is she her fathers daughter or is it time to become her own legend?...

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The Mad Wolf's Daughter Reviews

  • Heidi

    I received an ARC of this book, and was so happy because I've been looking forward to it ever since I first saw that cover. Here is my honest review:

    What a page turner! An epic adventure through a vivid world, I enjoyed every minute of this book. Drest is a fantastic character, strong and fierce and full of determination, yet still vulnerable, still a girl left fully on her own for the first time. I loved watching her grow, from frightened and uncertain, trying to imagine what her family would d

  • Brenda

    The Mad Wolf's Daughter reminds me a bit of Disney's Brave, maybe it's that they both take place in medieval Scotland, or that the main characters have a tomboyish quality that I would've identified with back in middle school. And I know I would've loved Drest's short hair and that she is a member of her families Warband rather than a princess like Merida. She's also so wonderfully smart, resourceful and very determined. There's a feistiness to her that I appreciate. Family is really important t

  • Billie

    This is one of the rare books that lives up to the hype. It would have been a five-star book if the ending had been more of an ending and not felt like it was just a convenient stopping place. Drest, though, is an amazing character and her companions, Tig and Emerick, are worthy co-adventurers. The three face danger, betrayal and menace on their journey, but they also experience people at their best and most helpful. I'm always a fan of a girl-with-sword novel and this is a strong entry in that ...more

  • Laura Mossa

    A very special thanks to Diane Magras for providing our #bookexcursion group with an ARC of The Mad Wolf's Daughter. It publishes on March 6, 2018. All opinions are my own.

    Wee lass Drest and her family are attacked by knights from Faintree Castle.  Drest desperately wants to join her father, Mad Wolf of the North and her five brothers in this battle, but Mad Wolf orders her to hide. She witnesses her family bound, captured, and sailing away from her.  Her only hope of finding her family is a you

  • A.M. Morgen

    Medieval historical fiction for kids is a very small genre, but is inhabited by some of the giants of kidlit like Avi and Karen Cushman. The Mad Wolf's Daughter is a worthy addition to this group, especially because of how it resists traditional gender norms while not sugarcoating the violence and danger of the time period.

    Drest is the only daughter of the Mad Wolf, the fearsome leader of a family of fighters. When the Mad Wolf and his sons are captured, Drest is able to escape. The rest of the

  • Susan

    This debut historical fiction middle grade novel is a fast-paced, page turning adventure! Drest's strong 'voice' was refreshing & the plot line intricially woven with lots of twists and turns!

  • Kara

    There are so many things I loved about this medieval middle grade novel; the historical Scottish setting, the fast paced action, the strong main character, Drest.

    The attention to historical detail was quite fascinating to read and I learned a lot I didn't know about this particular time period, especially with the author's note at the end. Drest is a fiery lass and her dedication to her family and relationship with her brothers is what endeared me to her. This is a perfect book for middle grade

  • Amy Graham

    A strong female protagonist in a medieval Scottish setting, what's not to love? Really can't wait to recommend this to my students.