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Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths of Ancient Greece

The Greek myths are the greatest stories ever told, passed down through millennia and inspiring writers and artists as varied as Shakespeare, Michelangelo, James Joyce and Walt Disney.They are embedded deeply in the traditions, tales and cultural DNA of the West. In Stephen Fry's hands the stories of the titans and gods become a brilliantly entertaining account of ribaldry and revelry, warfare and worship, debauchery, love affairs and life lessons, slayings and suicides, triumphs and tragedies.You'll fall in love with Zeus, marvel at the birth of Athena, wince at Cronus and Gaia's revenge on Ouranos, weep with King Midas and hunt with the beautiful and ferocious Artemis.Thoroughly spellbinding, informative and moving, Stephen Fry's Mythos perfectly captures these stories for the modern age - in all their rich and deeply human relevance....

Title : Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths of Ancient Greece
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Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths of Ancient Greece Reviews

  • Jake

    This was by far the easiest 5 stars I have had the pleasure to give in quite a while. It is one of the very few books I would read again.

    Mythos is fascinating from start to finish. I have attempted to get into numerous mythology books before (yes even Edith Hamilton) and struggled. Stephen Fry has made these captivating stories into a very readable and even hilarious style. He has made each God not only memorable, but also much easier to obtain a deeper insight into what each God stands for. He

  • Anna Baillie-Karas

    I listened to this on audio and loved it. Narrated by Fry, it’s a treat, like the best theatre. Wonderful intro to Greek myths (if like me you haven’t studied them) & fresh take if you know them. It’s told with humour & his enthusiasm, with references to art & literature inspired by the myths. The stories themselves have all the comedy and tragedy of life, dramatic and memorable. Highly recommended.

  • Gaby

    Such a brilliant book in every way. Was very disappointed when I got to the end, I wanted there to be more!

  • Alex

    This was so much fun!! I listened to the audiobook that was read by Stephen Fry himself, and like always when Stephen Fry reads an audiobook I could barely stop.

    It also made me so interested in Greek mythology! Will definitely be checking out more about it in future.

  • Netta

    It is regrettable that Stephen Fry's talent to be effortlessly snobbish in a very appealing, charmingly British way, does absolutely no good to the subject of his book. The main problem with this book is that Fry's retelling of the myths of Ancient Greece is exactly what the title promises – it is the retelling of the myths of Ancient Greece with some supposedly witty (but more often irrelevant) remarks which can be easily omitted. The question is: Do we actually need one more retelling of Greek ...more

  • Margaret

    At a time when other children had their mothers reading "Sleeping Beauty" and "Little Red Riding Hood" to them, my father was telling me the story of the abduction of Persephone with his own adornments (I particularly liked the squirrels wondering why she was picking flowers instead of nuts).

    I bring this up so you understand that I was exposed to the Greek myths at a young age. Once I was able to read I got my hands on Bullfinch's Mythology and Robert Graves rather interesting two volume offerin

  • Ana Rînceanu

    While the book is filled with Fry's wit, the stories of the gods do not sugarcoat anything. Recommended for the novice and the long-time devotee!

  • Max Nemtsov

    Прелестная и полезная книжка, сам не ожидал. Потому что казалось бы — ну, мы и с классикой худо-бедно знакомы, и Куна своего в детстве читали. Но, во-первых, Фрай излагает мифосюжеты не по матрице Куна (сами убедитесь), где-то он это делает подробнее, что-то вообще оставляет за кадром, поэтому Куна не заменит, конечно, но освежит и заставит взглянуть под другим углом, а во-вторых, Кун вполне ванилен (например, он не сообщает нам, за что _именно_ боги наказывали классических грешников (и какие он ...more