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The Diminished (Untitled Duology #1)

In the Alskad Empire, nearly all are born with a twin, two halves to form one wholeyet some face the world alone. The singleborn A rare few are singleborn in each generation, and therefore given the right to rule by the gods and goddesses. Bo Trousillion is one of these few, born into the royal line and destined to rule. Though he has been chosen to succeed his great-aunt, Queen Runa, as the leader of the Alskad Empire, Bo has never felt equal to the grand future before him. The diminished When one twin dies, the other usually follows, unable to face the world without their other half. Those who survive are considered diminished, doomed to succumb to the violent grief that inevitably destroys everyone whose twin has died. Such is the fate of Vi Abernathy, whose twin sister died in infancy. Raised by the anchorites of the temple after her family cast her off, Vi has spent her whole life scheming for a way to escape and live out what's left of her life in peace. As their sixteenth birthdays approach, Bo and Vi face very different futuresone a life of luxury as the heir to the throne, the other years of backbreaking work as a temple servant. But a long-held secret and the fate of the empire are destined to bring them together in a way they never could have imagined....

Title : The Diminished (Untitled Duology #1)
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ISBN : 9781335016416
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The Diminished by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson Goodreads The Diminished by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson is the first book in what seems to be an untitled as yet young adult fantasy duology The story takes place in a world known as the Alskad Empire where the vast majority of births result in The Diminished Untitled Duology , by Kaitlyn Sage The Diminished Untitled Duology , by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson . Stars Tuesday May Untitled Duology Series by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson The Diminished and Untitled Untitled Duology There are primary works and total works in the Untitled Duology Series The Diminished Untitled Duology by Kaitlyn Sage The Diminished by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson My rating of stars Goodreads Synopsis In the Alskad Empire, nearly Epub Download The Diminished Untitled Duology The Diminished Kaitlyn Sage Patterson PDF The Diminished Kaitlyn Sage Patterson Epub The Diminished Kaitlyn Sage Patterson Download PDF e EPUB EpuBook ARCReview THE DIMINISHED by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson Tags arc review, book review, book reviews, duology, harlequin teen, kaitlyn sage patterson, review, the diminished Read The Diminished Untitled Duology by Kaitlyn The Diminished Untitled Duology Books by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson In the Alskad Empire, nearly all are born with a twin, two halves to form one wholeyet some face the world alone The singleborn A rare few are singleborn Untitled Lisa Jewell Ebook PDF Download epub download the diminished untitled duology by , epub download the diminished untitled duology by kaitlyn sage then she was gone by lisa jewell book sitemap the diminished kaitlyn sage patterson epub The walking dead volume all out war part free ebooks , markets,untitled lisa jewell ebook, mustang First Line Friday May , thepaperbackpilgrim This first line of The Diminished Untitled Duology is all sorts of epic As for questions it leaves, who is the first queen and the empire she built PDF Read Book Son of the Dawn Ghosts of the Epub Download The Diminished Untitled Duology by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson Book Epub Read Online Suitors and Sabotage by Cindy Anstey

The Diminished (Untitled Duology #1) Reviews

  • Nannette Demmler

    ARC provided by publisher for an honest review.

    I ended up liking this more than I thought I would. Some of the plot is somewhat predictable, but overall the world building and the characters kept me coming back for more.

    The story is told through alternating chapters between Bo and Vi. I enjoyed both of their stories, although I found Bo to be a little bit whiney and frustrating at times. They both have grown up under very different circumstances, but they have some similarities. They are both s

  • Sara (sarabara081)

    You can find more of my reviews at Forever 17 Books.

    3.5 stars!

    The concept of this book was one that really drew me in. Here we have a world where twins are the norm and singleborn are the rare occurrence. The twin dynamic is quite fascinating. They play a huge role in each other’s lives and build such a strong connection to each other. When one dies, it completely devastates the remaining twin, eventually leading them to succumb to a violent grief. They are know as the diminished. The story is

  • Cindy ✩☽ Savage Queen ♔


    Me coming back to this book and wondering why it only has 40ish reviews when it came out in January...but then realizing the release was actually pushed back until April lol. Now it all makes sense.


    Ooo overall, like the cover...though I don't know what is going on with the moon and the weird squiggly thing lol

  • S

    This book was so very interesting. My daughter as well as I both loved it!

  • Kimmery Martin

    The Diminished is compulsively readable. It’s the story of Vi and Bo, both born into a post-cataclysmic, earth-like world where nearly everyone has a twin. The interconnectedness of twins is such that if one dies, the other almost always grieves to death within a short period of time; most people cannot survive the loss of their other half. I say ‘most people’ because in the rare case that a bereaved twin doesn’t simply pine away, they eventually become unstable. Prone to gruesome and unpredicta ...more

  • katwiththehat

    Thank you so much to HarlequinTeen and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this lovely debut by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson. The world-building in this in debut fantasy novel is unique and complex. Vi and Bo grow up in very different situations on a world where nearly all births are now twins. Even the MOON has split in half with its own twin staring down at you from the sky. Bo is celebrated as a singleton birth and a future king. Vi, whose twin died, is a Diminished, cast out and forced in ...more

  • Rachel Shannon

    I love this book! This is the first book I've read in a hot minute. I didn't put this book down unless I was in class. All of my free time went to reading this book. It was absolutely amazing! It kept me on my toes the whole time! The world in this book is amazing! The characters are also amazing! absolutely wonderful! I really hope and wish this book will become a series! Or at least have a part two! (spoiler) I love Vi and Quill! I hope if there is a second book their romance grows! They are a ...more

  • Sydney ✨

    So I got an ARC of this from my local library and I was thoroughly impressed. I didn't really know what to expect walking into it but it offered such a different story than what I have been reading lately.

    I like that it is told in the dual perspective of Bo and Vi. I loved both of them for so many reasons. I also LOVE the male/male romance in here, 10/10 support shipped that. I also really loved the whole motley crews camaraderie. They were such a cool cast to have along on this wild adventure.