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Surprise Me

After being together for ten years, Sylvie and Dan have all the trimmings of a happy life and marriage; they have a comfortable home, fulfilling jobs, beautiful twin girls, and communicate so seamlessly, they finish each other's sentences. However, a trip to the doctor projects they will live another 68 years together and panic sets in. They never expected "until death do us part" to mean seven decades.In the name of marriage survival, they quickly concoct a plan to keep their relationship fresh and exciting: they will create little surprises for each other so that their (extended) years together will never become boring. But in their pursuit to execute Project Surprise Me, mishaps arise and secrets are uncovered that start to threaten the very foundation of their unshakable bond. When a scandal from the past is revealed that question some important untold truths, they begin to wonder if they ever really knew each other after all....

Title : Surprise Me
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ISBN : 9780399592881
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 432 pages
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Surprise Me Reviews

  • Holly

    *3.5 stars 🌟

    The thing about reading a Sophie Kinsella book is that you know your going to have a fun reading experience. In this book, we meet married couple Dan and Sylvie. They have just been told that they’re healthy and may live a long married life. So they decide that if they are going to have 68 years together, they should have surprises for each other so their marriage doesn’t get stale. The thing about surprises, though, is that you may get more than you bargained for. There were a few l

  • Heather 'Bookables'

    Listened to this which I always recommend with all of Sophie's books!

    I really wanted to fall in love with this book but it fell a little short for me. The first half was annoying, honestly and I had a hard time connecting with the characters. The second half was much better and I really loved it.

    Overall it was a fun, quick read much like all of Kinsella's other books and I did enjoy it!

    Solo video review coming soon!

  • Nicole (Read Eat Sleep Repeat)

    Well, Surprise Me did, in fact, surprise me. Based on the blurb, I expected this to be your typical, run of the mill, chick lit book. And it definitely started out that way. But then it grew to be something more.

    From page one, Kinsella grabbed me with her typical charm and humor. It was fun and entertaining to read this story through Sylvie’s narration, which felt like talking to a friend who is funny without trying to be. She makes up words just to describe her husband, like “scrubcious” and “t

  • Zoe

    Warm, affecting, and extremely entertaining!

    Surprise Me is a lighthearted journey into the lives of married couple Sylvie and Dan who have it all, beautiful girls, successful careers, and a rock-solid marriage until the suggestion of another 68 years of marriage sends them into a tailspin that makes them question their goals, dreams, and each other.

    The writing is smooth and effortless. The characters are quirky, comical, genuine, and lovable. And the plot is an engaging, moving tale bursting wit

  • Lola  Reviewer

    Well this is a surprising book. (Bad) pun very much intended.

    I feel like if this is your first ever Sophie Kinsella read, you should pick another one of her stories. I would point you towards her Confessions of a Shopaholic series first so you become acquainted with her humour and style.

    Because this book is crazy even to fans of Sophie Kinsella, so I can’t begin to imagine what people who know nothing about this author will think. The concept isn’t, however, crazy at all. It’s actually smart.


  • Norma

    4 Surprisingly Delightful Stars!

    SOPHIE KINSELLA has always been one of my favourite go-to authors, so I was pretty excited when I was approved to read her latest novel, SURPRISE ME.  I have enjoyed all of her books and to me they are such a treat to read inbetween reading so many thrillers.  I like to be able to just relax and enjoy the humour within the storyline. SURPRISE ME definitely surprised me and I kind of liked the idea of Project Surprise Me too except for one of the surprises that Dan

  • JanB

    3.5 stars

    My advice when you pick this book up is to view it as you would a rom-com movie. Turn off your inner critic and just have fun with it.

    I confess I had a slight problem with the premise: a young couple panics when their doctor tells them they will likely live to be over 100, which would mean another 68 years together. If you're happily married who wouldn't be delighted at that news??? (True story: As I'm writing this review a news reporter is on TV interviewing a couple who have been mar

  • Jessica

    I received this book for free through LibraryThing’s Early Reviewers.

    I was so excited when I found out that I won this book because I absolutely love Sophie Kinsella’s books. They are always so hilarious and so much fun. This book was no exception.

    In the beginning it did start off a bit slow. It took a while for the story and the surprises to actually start, but once they did, they really took off. Many of the surprises were so hilarious, I found myself laughing out loud to myself. The scenario