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The Water Cure

Imagine a world very close to our own: where women are not safe in their bodies, where desperate measures are required to raise a daughter. This is the story of Grace, Lia, and Sky kept apart from the world for their own good and taught the terrible things that every woman must learn about love. And it is the story of the men who come to find them - three strangers washed up by the sea, their gazes hungry and insistent, trailing desire and destruction in their wake.Hypnotic and compulsive, The Water Cure is a fever dream, a blazing vision of suffering, sisterhood, and transformation....

Title : The Water Cure
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ISBN : 9780241334744
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 240 pages
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The Water Cure Reviews

  • Lydia Barnes

    I honestly have no idea how to summarise this book - it's weird and lethargic, kind of vague in places, extremely stifling in others. Well good stuff. Gonna be thinking about this for a while.

  • Callum McLaughlin

    I adore the concept of this book, and it ticks a lot of boxes in terms of what I look for from my favourite reads. Three sisters have been raised in isolation by their parents. They have been taught to fear men and the toxins that now plague the outside world, exposure to which would mean certain death. To protect their vulnerable bodies from this poison, they must undergo regular water-based cleansing.

    There is an unsettling and almost ethereal quality that lingers throughout the entirety of thi

  • Clair Sharpe

    The Water Cure tells the story of 3 sisters, Grace, Lia & Sky who live on a remote island alone with their parents. Their parents took them from the mainland because the world has become toxic to women and men are dangerous to them. They endure cruel therapies which are supposed to keep them safe – sometimes they are sewn in fainting sacks and put in a hot room until they pass out. Sometimes they play the drowning game where their dresses are weighted and they must see how long they can stay ...more

  • Dannii Elle

    This is a dystopian unlike any other I have read before. The world reaches to the very horizon and yet is contained to the interior of one house. The landscape is sparse on concrete detail yet the feel of the forest ferns or the gentle pull and release of the tides is portrayed in startling clarity. The characters are incredibly nuanced and yet my mind can fail to properly depict them. This is a book of juxtapositions that is as uncomfortable to read as it is in construction and I adored every m ...more

  • Katherine

    A mystical debut of somber love and lethal control.

    Three sisters live on an island with their Mother. Their father has just disappeared and is assumed dead. They know this because he left their island to gather supplies from the toxic world that surrounds their haven. But it is not so simple. There is a certain relief in his departure due to his harshly devised and ever present "cures" to keep his family safe. But in his wake, their Mother takes the lead and follows his example. The pain repeat

  • Eric Anderson

    Part of me has always felt a simmering sense of panic, that some unknown danger or threat could be lurking around every corner. Fear can be such a powerful impetus in our lives both for motivating us to keep ourselves safe and hindering us from fully engaging with the world. It feels essential that children should be nurtured in a way that allows them to be cautious without being so panicked they seal themselves off from experience. So I was really struck how Sophie Mackintosh’s debut novel “The ...more

  • Hollis

    I feel like this week is conspiring against me reads-wise.

    The pitch for THE WATER CURE was THE HANDMAID'S TALE meets THE VIRGIN SUICIDES in this dystopic feminist revenge fantasy about three sisters on an isolated island, raised to fear men and while that concept drew me in.. I think, in practice, it's exactly what failed me because in some ways it lived upto the pitch too well, whilst simultaneously not delivering in the way I expected.

    The narrative/voice for Mackintosh's story was really unexp

  • Lucy

    I can’t remember seeing a more perfect cover for a book in a while. Everything you need to know about The Water Cure is there. The obscure water hiding all manner of unknowable things. The girl vulnerable, head lifted, neck exposed. The fleshiness, with the female body at the centre of everything. The unanswered questions. The spare and stark simplicity of it.

    This is a book of atmosphere, rather than action. It reminds me a lot of Deborah Levy’s wonderful Hot Milk. The writing is similarly poeti