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A decorated former Air Force pilot. A pregnant flight attendant. A dedicated TSA agent.The fates of these three, and many others, converge in Danielle Steels gripping new novela heart-stopping thriller that engagesordinary men and women in the fight of their lives during a flight from New York to San Francisco. On a beautiful May morning at New Yorks John F. Kennedy airport, two planes have just departed for San Franciscoone a 757, another a smaller Airbus A321. At a security checkpoint, TSA agent Bernice Adams finds a postcard of the Golden Gate Bridge bearing an ambiguousperhaps ominousmessage. Her supervisor dismisses her concerns, but Bernice calls security and soon Ben Waterman arrives. A senior Homeland Security agent, still grappling with guilt after a disastrous operation in which hostages were killed, Ben too becomes suspicious. Who left the postcard behind, which flight is that person on, and what exactly does the message mean? As Ben scans the passenger manifests, his focus turns to the A321, with Helen Smith as its senior pilot. Helens military service and her tenure with the airline have been exemplary. But her husbands savage death in Iraq was more than anyone should bear, leaving her widowed with three children. A major film star is on board. So is an off-duty pilot who has just lost his forty-year career. So is a distraught father, traveling with the baby son he has abducted from his estranged wife. Sifting through data and relying on instinct, Ben becomes convinced that someone on Helens plane is planning something terrible. And hes right. Passengers, crew, and experts on the ground become heroes out of necessity to try to avert tragedy at the eleventh hour. In her stunning novel, Danielle Steel combines intense action with stories of emotionally rich, intertwined lives. As the jet bears down on its destination of San Francisco, strangers are united, desperate choices are made, and futures will be changed forever by a handful of accidental heroes....

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Accidental Heroes Reviews

  • Ellen

    I’m not much of a Danielle Steele fan. However, the description of this book sounded like something I would enjoy. Unfortunately, her writing style is too “Dick and Jane” for me-not sure how else to describe it. I was disappointed in the interaction between the characters. There was really very little drama, and it was very predictable. The book was downhill after the climax so I skimmed the last several chapters.

  • Rhonda B

    I literally could not put this down. The best book she has ever written in my opinion. There is so much mystery revolving around a flight from New York to San Francisco each page is building upon who is responsible that I could not stop reading. Then in the end there is love, sigh. She couldn't leave us without a touch of romance thrown in. Highly recommended!! BTW, first five star of 2018

  • Debbie Oxier

    Wow! I used to be a big Steel fan but after awhile it seemed all her books were cut from the same mold and I stopped reading her. Then Accidental Heroes came along. I was hooked as soon as I read the blurb because I love airplane thrillers. What's more exciting than being thousands of feet in the air in virtually what is nothing more than a tin can, when you discover there's a problem and you and everyone aboard might be doomed to die! So I grabbed this one up.

    I wasn't disappointed. While it was

  • Kim Cabanting

    I know I'm a Danielle Steel fanatic but this will go down as one of my faves. It was suspenseful, touching, and sweet.

  • Andrea McGinnis

  • Bonnie Eldridge-labaff

    another score for this author . Absolutely loved this book. From the very first chapter I was rooting for Bernice, a single mother out there trying to make a life for herself and her son. All the characters in this book intertwined with each other with their own lives been affected by outside forces never realizing that inside forces were controlling their lives. Ever when there are evil forces try to be bad, most people are good

  • Marsha Lambert


    I absolutely loved this book. It was superb! Heart pounding, edge of my seat, couldn’t stop reading until I finished it. To me it was a bit different in style than Danielle Steele usually writes and yet, it was a great read. A single mother who has her eye on the future and is determined to do the right thing, a woman who flew planes in the Air Force, lost her husband in a very public way and is now a single mother of 3 who flies commercial jets. This story is about these two women and s

  • Camilla

    This is another winner for Danielle Steel. I don't know how she keeps up the prolific pace of her writing, but I'm surely glad she does. I always feel good after I read one of her books, and this one was no different. Thank you Ms. Steel for making my day.