Read Ask Me About My Uterus: A Quest to Make Doctors Believe in Women's Pain by Abby Norman Online

Ask Me About My Uterus: A Quest to Make Doctors Believe in Women's Pain

For any woman who has experienced illness, chronic pain, or endometriosis comes an inspiring memoir advocating for recognition of women's health issuesIn the fall of 2010, Abby Norman's strong dancer's body dropped forty pounds and gray hairs began to sprout from her temples. She was repeatedly hospitalized in excruciating pain, but the doctors insisted it was a urinary tract infection and sent her home with antibiotics. Unable to get out of bed, much less attend class, Norman dropped out of college and embarked on what would become a years-long journey to discover what was wrong with her. It wasn't until she took matters into her own hands--securing a job in a hospital and educating herself over lunchtime reading in the medical library--that she found an accurate diagnosis of endometriosis.In Ask Me About My Uterus, Norman describes what it was like to have her pain dismissed, to be told it was all in her head, only to be taken seriously when she was accompanied by a boyfriend who confirmed that her sexual performance was, indeed, compromised. Putting her own trials into a broader historical, sociocultural, and political context, Norman shows that women's bodies have long been the battleground of a never-ending war for power, control, medical knowledge, and truth. It's time to refute the belief that being a woman is a preexisting condition....

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Ask Me About My Uterus: A Quest to Make Doctors Believe in Women's Pain Reviews

  • Anna

    I have one question after reading this book: WHERE WAS THE EDITOR? Somebody really needed to go through this book and cut cut cut cut a lot of it. It's a shame, because I actually really enjoy the author's writing style and I am here for more books about women's experiences with endometriosis. The whole thing ends up being a jumbled health crisis memoir/ troubled family upbringing memoir/ history of women's health-lite, and it just doesn't work. About the author's upbringing- I get that some bac ...more

  • Barbara (The Bibliophage)

    Abby Norman tells her often harrowing story with grace in Ask Me About My Uterus. She’s had to make her way through life in pain, and mostly alone. I’m in awe of her courage and fortitude!

    Norman spent her childhood with an absent father, and a functionally absent mother who was too sick with her own disease to care for her children. In case that wasn’t hard enough, her abusive grandmother stepped in to care for Abby. Somehow, she survives this and has the unimaginable presence of mind to request

  • Sarah

    Infuriatingly unresolved ending, but I guess that was unavoidable and also kind of the point. Really good, vindicating, tragic, anger-inducing, smart.

  • April

    A cross between a blunt but heart-felt memoir and a medical mystery; Abby delves into life with chronic pain and a medical system which refuses to believe it. I appreciated that she early (and more than once) noted that despite the title; women are not defined by their ownership of a uterus. More than that; as a woman who has had her own medical woes, I recognized and can certainly empathize with the many familiar ways in which Abby has navigated a health care system which has always been Men Fi ...more

  • Ashley

    I wanted to like this—after all, I’m super fascinated by the politics of the female body. And while I feel for the author, this book isn’t great. The writing and structure are clunky, and the whole thing is about 100 pages too long. Norman’s writing is best when she’s summarizing medical or historical knowledge, but those moments are often dwarfed by the meandering chunks of memoir. Despite the gorgeous cover and a few interesting tidbits, I’d skip this one in favor of more academic fare.

  • Erin

    Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced ebook in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Abby Norman for your courageous voice in advocating women's health.

    Ironically as I write this review, Nelly Furtado's version of Maneater is playing. A song that I feel my fellow Canuck turned into a powerful anthem for women.

    In this non fiction/memoir Abby Norman launches the microscope and

    takes look at women's health and the author's own personal struggle with endometriosis, Abby Norman explores just ho

  • Amy

    Abby Norman does an amazing job of describing life as a woman with endometriosis. She mixes in humor, with very specific details about living with this disease. It’s amazing she found the time and strength to write this terrific book. Reading her book let me know that my own struggles with endometriosis and adenomyosis are real, not in my head, and to keep searching for the right doctor who will listen and validate my pain.

    In addition to being a great read, “Ask Me About My Uterus” is a wonderf

  • Ashley Holstrom

    Uterus-owners have endured pain that gets brushed off as “hysteria” for centuries. Abby Norman’s is brushed off as “all in her head.” She suffers endometriosis undiagnosed for years, her leg goes numb, she loses 30 pounds. When she gets to a doctor, she’s sent home with antibiotics. And so Norman begins the quest to find the answers for herself, reading medical journals and tracking her symptoms. But she runs into the same problem over and over: Doctors don’t believe her and make decisions for h ...more