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My Dead Parents: A Memoir

In this beautifully written, poignant, honest, and unflinching work, the author takes readers with her on her journey through grief and discovery as she finds out for good or ill who her parents really were. - Library Journal (starred review)Anya Yurchyshyn grew up in a narrow townhouse in Boston, every corner filled with the souvenirs of her parents adventurous international travels. On their trips to Egypt, Italy, and Saudi Arabia, her mother, Anita, and her father, George, lived an entirely separate life from the one they led as the parents of Anya and her sister one that Anya never saw. The parents she knew were a brittle, manipulative alcoholic and a short-tempered disciplinarian: people she imagined had never been in love. But when she cleaned out her childhood home in the wake of her mother's death, she discovered artifacts of a life and a love affair that she didn't recognize--letters, photos of exotic locales, and startling documents that revealed hidden pasts and forced her to rethink everything she thought she knew about her life and her family. Determined to learn who her parents had really been, she embarks on a journey of discovery and encounters truths she could have never imagined. Part literary thriller, part detective story, My Dead Parents is the account of one woman's relentless quest to solve the tragic and complex mysteries of her past, and in so doing, to come more fully to terms with her life today....

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My Dead Parents: A Memoir Reviews

  • Lolly K Dandeneau

    Via my blog:

    'Ukraine sounded like a setting for a dark fairy tale that offered no magic or redemption, a place that had nothing to do with me.'

    It’s a strange sort of life for American born children with parents who come from other countries. The stories our parents share are nothing we can fully grasp, having never been at the mercy of losing our freedoms, yearning for a culture you had to leave behind, our only history in memories painted by our parents. I

  • Debra Pawlak

    I received an Advance Reading Copy (ARC) from in return for a fair review. Unfortunately, this book was not my cup of tea, but it did have its redeeming qualities--especially near the end. As children, we often see our parents through narrow tunnel vision. We don't see them as distinct individuals with dreams, desires and personalities outside of our own perspective. This book is a good reminder that parents are people, too--not just guardians of little ones. Ms. Yurchyshyn had a t ...more

  • Danielle Mootz

    Okay so. I had just received this book when my father fell very ill and was brought home in hospice care. I began reading it after he passed on Christmas Day. There is little similarity between the relationship Anya had with her parents but so much in common as I navigated my grief by seeking to understand who my father was before me. As Anya sought answers from the Ukraine, I sought answers from the shores of Vietnam revealing my father's time there and what would eventually explain the missing ...more

  • Ken

    This was a great book! I enjoyed it very much. The book starts out with the author, Anya telling the story of her childhood. Her family life growing up was dysfunctional. Her relationship with both parents was not good. After her parents die, she comes across some letters from her parents to each other. The people who wrote these letters, in no way resembled the parents that raised her. Anya sets out to find out who her parents really were before she knew them, and what happened to cause their r ...more

  • Kathleen

    This memoir begins with the author's experience growing up with her parents and her admitted lack of respect for them. She shows an unflattering part of herself and her parents that makes the first part of the book extremely compelling. After losing both of her parents by the age of 32, she begins to find letters written by her father that show a side of him she's never seen. What follows is a deep dive into her parents history to reconstruct their lives through letters written by them, intervie ...more

  • Darcysmom

    I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley for free in exchange for an honest review.

    As children we grow up thinking we know our parents. Of course we know them, we know them through the lens of our own childhood experiences. But do we really know them? This is the very question the author sets out to answer in the book My Dead Parents.

    After her mother's death, Anya takes on the task of cleaning out her mother's house. Amongst the old clothes, old mail, and other detritus of years in a house

  • Carolyn Chambers

    Thanks to First to Read for access to a pre-publication galley of My Dead Parents. The first 1/3 of the memoir was difficult to read as Anya describes growing up with her verbally/emotionally abusive father George and her neglectful alcoholic mother Anita. Unsurprisingly, Anya’s dysfunctional upbringing results in her becoming a sullen, challenging teenager who rejects her parents in retaliation for their treatment of her. I initially found it hard to empathize with any of these seriously flawed ...more

  • Julie

    My Dead Parents by: A Memoir by Anya Yurchyshyn is a 2018 Crown publication.

    The blurb for this book intrigued me. What would it be like to discover your parents were nothing like you thought they were? What would happen if you discovered your father’s death might have been more than a tragic accident?

    I confess, I did have a few preconceived notions about this book. I thought the book would be centered mainly around Anya’s investigation into her father’s ‘accident’. However, the bulk of the boo