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Seventeen-year-old Stella Ainsley wants just one thing: to go somewhereanywhereelse. Her homeis a floundering spaceshipthat offers few prospects, having been orbiting an ice-encased Earth for two hundred years. When a private ship hires her as a governess, Stella jumps at the chance.The captain of theRochester, nineteen-year-old Hugo Fairfax, is notorious throughout the fleet for being a moody recluse and a drunk. Butwith Stella hes kind. But theRochesterharbors secrets: Stella is certain someone is trying to kill Hugo, and the more she discovers, the more questions she has about his role in a conspiracy threatening the fleet....

Title : Brightly Burning
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ISBN : 9781328948939
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 400 pages
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  • Alexa

    4/18/18 Update: If you'd like to get a signed copy of Brightly Burning but don't anticipate seeing me at an event, you can order a signed copy via The Ripped Bodice! I'm so excited to partner with this amazing local indie, and the first & only all-romance book store in the United States! If you order through The Ripped Bodice, you will also get an exclusive Brightly Burning bookmark!

    4/9/18 Update: If you pre-order Brightly Burning and turn in your pro

  • Stephanie

    As soon as I saw this book referred to as “Jane Eyre in space” I knew that I had to read it. While it wasn’t quite all I hoped for, I think overall it was a fun re-telling and it made me want to go re-read Jane Eyre.

    It took me awhile to get into Brightly Burning. I thought it was a little slow to start, but once Stella got to the Rochester and the Jane Eyre comparisons became apparent I really began to enjoy it. While there were obviously some adjustments made to some of the twists, I thought th

  • Candace Robinson

    This was a pretty fun book! I will say I could have done without the made up curse word "frex"

    Also the love interest was drunk pretty much most of the book! This is still one of the better space YA books I have read, though.

    Got approved for this on Netgalley. Why do they not say ahead of time if something is PDF only??? When I read off the Ipad, I get a migraine after like reading ONE page. I need it for my Kindle!!!! Oh, well, suffer I must.

  • Nina-Tala (JustAddAWord) Shannak

    I like this book more than I care to admit.

    Look, I'll be honest: you could set anything in space, and I'll all but guarantee I'll like it. Once you consider the grand scope of things, YA books set in space are this teeny tiny group, and I am always, always there for a story set among the stars, because there are so few of them.

    And I realize that this is not really an endorsement of this book, right? I'll pick up, and probably love, any space story you throw at me. I was sure of that even before

  • Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies

    This book is supposed to be a sci-fi version of Jane Eyre. It fucking sucks.

    Beware: lots of cursing in this review. I am in a spicy mood today.

    Our main character, Stella (Jane Eyre) is a brilliant spaceship engineer who has long harbored high hopes of being...a fucking governess. Not that there's anything wrong with being a governess, mind you, but ffs. It's like if I had an engineering Ph.D and chose to work as a nanny. It's dumb and seriously, fuck that stupid dream.

    “We both know you aren’

  • Lola

    You know what’s *brightly burning* right now?

    My anger. At myself, mostly. This is a retelling of Jane Eyre, and while the original story bored me to death, I was somewhat intrigued by this one.

    After all, one of the main reasons why Jane Eyre didn't work for me was because Mr. Rochester is in his forties, and even though I believe in the *age is just a number* concept, I’m also skeptical that dating someone (more than) twice your age is a good idea.

    That’s not a problem here, seeing that the Capt

    ‘‘Stella, why did you leave?’’ a brusque voice said.

    ‘‘I had to put Jessa to bed.’’

    ‘‘Oh,’’ he said as if the thought never occurred to him. ‘‘Well, then, come back if you’re done. I want you here.’’

    ‘‘I’m quite tired.’’

    ‘‘Nonsense,’’ he insisted. ‘‘The night is young. I’ll see you in five minutes.’’
    (pages 169-170 of ARC)

    She said she’s tired, leave her alone. Not everyone likes to spend their nights awake, drinking.

    The retelling itself is not bad. In fact, I have to give the author props for her creative mind. I wouldn’t have thought science fiction and Jane Eyre would ever work, but somehow this book was written and published and it’s not *completely* awful.

    Except, the characters are, and so are their interactions with each other. Stella is one of those heroines that do something very stupid in the beginning of a story, and you’re waiting for her to redeem herself… and waiting… and waiting. Congratulation, I am on my deathbed.

    She’s not mature enough to be a governess and start a relationship with a drunken captain. Her voice is more fitting of a fifteen-year-old girl who’s just realized boys exist and can’t stop thinking about them. Additionally, did we really need so many correspondences? Meh, I don’t think so.

    Not romantic, Stella is in no way memorable, and although it is intriguing at times, that isn’t enough for me to care.

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  • Miranda (MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It)

    As a huge fan of Jane Eyre, I was really excited to read a YA retelling of the story. So, I went into this book with high expectations, AND THIS BOOK EXCEEDS ALL OF THOSE EXPECTATIONS! I AM AN EMOTIONAL MESS! I WANT TO HUG THIS BOOK FOREVER!!!! THIS WAS A FREAKING ROLLER COASTER!!!

    Okay, I let me get back to the actual review.

    One of the things I enjoyed the most about this book was the way the author took Jane Eyre and put such a refreshing and interesting twist to it. Even though I could predic

  • Liz Parker

    This Jane Eyre retelling is the perfect book for fans of the classic who also have a love of space. While the parallels to Jane Eyre are clear throughout for those who love the original story, this novel definitely stands alone for anyone who isn't familiar with Jane Eyre. The slow-burn build up of the romance + the high stakes of the fleet's safety making it hard to put down!

    I'd definitely recommend to fans of Marissa Meyer and Beth Revis. Even if space isn't your thing, I'd still tell you to