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Bring Me Back

A young British couple are driving through France on holiday when they stop for gas. He runs in to pay, she stays in the car. When he returns her car door has been left open, but she's not inside. No one ever sees her again. Ten years later he's engaged to be married; he's happy, and his past is only a tiny part his life now. Until he comes home from work and finds his new wife-to-be is sitting on their sofa. She's turning something over in her fingers, holding it up to the light. Something that would have no worth to anyone else, something only he and she would know about because his wife is the sister of his missing first love.As more and more questions are raised, their marriage becomes strained. Has his first love somehow come back to him after all this time? Or is the person who took her playing games with his mind?...

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Bring Me Back Reviews

  • Jasmine from How Useful It Is

    About: Bring Me Back is a psychological thriller written by B.A. Paris. It will be published on 6/19/2018 by St. Martin’s Press, an imprint of Macmillan Publishers, paperback, 223 pages. The genres are mystery, thriller, psychological, and fiction.

    My Experience: I started reading Bring Me Back on 2/2/18 and finished it on 2/4/18. This book is a mind boggling read! It’s suspenseful and full of mysteries! I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I’m glad that there are more than one point of view ev

  • Louise Wilson

    A young British couple are driving through Franceon holiday when they stop for gas. He goes in to pay, she stays in the car. When he returns, she is not in the car. No one ever sees her again. Ten years later he's engaged to be married; he's happy, and the past is only a little part of his life now. Until he comes home from work and finds his new wife's-to-be sitting on the sofa, she's holding something that has no worth to anyone else, no one but her sister would know.

    This story weaves back and

  • sue

    Whoop whoop this authors done it again, shes brought me to my reading knees.

    This authors view on domestic noir is amazing, never seems to fail making my spine tingle and that hairs on the back of my neck come up on end. I always feel a chill when I read B A Paris books.

    Finns girlfriend went missing while they were travelling on holiday some 12 years ago.

    Never found.

    Time has moved on for Finn now, he is engaged to Emma who happens to be his missing girlfriends sister!

    What a well weaved story. Th

  • Hajar

    There is something about this author’s writing prowess that is incredibly addictive!

    “Sometimes we lie for the greater good, don’t we? I wish that’s what you had done.”

    This was yet another page-turner by the talented B.A. Paris. After enjoying both of her books ‘Behind Closed Doors’ and ‘The Breakdown’, I knew I had to get my hands on “Bring me Back” and I was in for a treat.

    As I started reading this book, I felt like I stepped into a treacherous territory, bordered by shades of mystery and decep

  • Jean

    Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris. Honestly, I’m on the fence with this one. I mostly loved it. No, love is too strong a word. I liked it, even though it strained the boundaries of believability and its narrators are unreliable.

    The book’s blurb signals intensity and heart-pounding suspense, and I felt that, at times. Finn is a successful, wealthy forty-year-old man engaged to Ellen, an illustrator. Twelve years earlier, Finn was about to propose to Ellen’s sister Layla when she disappeared and was lat

  • Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister

    *3 Stars*

    After having LOVED this author’s past two novels, it pains me that I cannot say I loved this one as well. But I can say some other *stuff*, so here goes...

    I’ll start with the positive because life is good: When I open a B.A. Paris novel, I know I’m about to be put under her spell. I’m ready to be completely transported into the life of a slightly repulsive human who starts reading with the sun and doesn’t stop until she looks up and realizes an entire day has ended with her still in the

  • Maureen

    Holy Moly! The 'Do Not Disturb’ sign was definitely displayed (mentally if not physically) while I read Bring Me Back! Seriously, if this book had been edible, I would have made myself ill devouring it!

    British couple Finn and his girlfriend Layla, are on their way home from a skiing trip in France when he pulls into a secluded, dimly lit area late at night to use the restroom. When he returns to the car Layla is nowhere to be found!

    Fast forward 12 years and Finn has moved on with his life, in

  • Kendall

    Bring Me Back... well it didn't BRING ME a five star read BUT I was definitely impressed with this one way more then her first two novels.

    B.A. Paris delivers a clever and unique psychological thriller that surrounds Russian dolls. Yes... Russian dolls.. Surprisingly, I actually liked the concept of the dolls. It was different and something that I don't see all the time. The author didn't stump me on the twist... my detective skills don't ever let me down ;).

    It's funny because I've seen numerous