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Set in contemporary Louisville, Leesa Cross-Smiths mesmerizing first novel surrounding the death of a police officer is a requiem for marriage, friendship and family. Evia classically-trained ballerinawas nine months pregnant when her husband Eamon was killed in the line of duty on a steamy morning in July. Now, it is winter, and Eamon's adopted brother Dalton has moved in to help her raise six-month-old Noah. Whiskey & Ribbons is told in three intertwining, melodic voices: Evi in present day, as shes snowed in with Dalton during a freak blizzard; Eamon before his murder, as he prepares for impending fatherhood and grapples with the danger of his profession; and Dalton, as he struggles to make sense of his life next to Eamons, and as he decides to track down the biological father hes never known. In the vein of Jojo Moyes After You, Whiskey & Ribbons explores the life that continues beyond loss, with a complicated brotherly dynamic reminiscent of Elizabeth Strouts The Burgess Boys. Its a meditation on grief, hope, motherhood, brotherhood and surrogate fatherhood. Above all, its a novel about what it meansand whether its possibleto heal....

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Whiskey Ribbons by Leesa Cross Smith Whiskey Ribbons has ratings and reviews Roxane said What a gorgeous, warm love story that is also a story about friendship and family and fait WHISKEY RIBBONS Leesa Cross Smith Whiskey Ribbons has always felt like music to me, like a song I decided to write it as a fugue after years of wrestling with the structure. Whiskey Ribbons Hub City Writers Project Hub City Writers Project has published titles and writers, established an independent bookstore, and provided creative writing education to thousands. Whiskey Ribbons Literary Hub The following is from Leesa Cross Smith s novel, Whiskey Ribbons The story follows Dalton, Evi, and Eamon after a family tragedy Eamon is killed while on duty as Whiskey Ribbons by Leesa Cross Smith, Hardcover The Hardcover of the Whiskey Ribbons by Leesa Cross Smith at Barnes Noble FREE Shipping on or Whiskey Ribbons Hardcover Leesa Cross Smith For fans of The Mothers Leesa Cross Smith s anticipated novel following a contemporary African American family caught in the wake of a tragic police shooting. The soft burn of Whiskey Ribbons Talking to Leesa Leesa Cross Smith s debut novel Whiskey Ribbons Hub City Press , which came out earlier this month, was one of the season s most anticipated books Whiskey Ribbons Audiobook Audible Written by Leesa Cross Smith, Narrated by Larry Heron, Joe Bearor, Tunisia Hardison Download the app and start listening to Whiskey Ribbons today Free with a Whiskey Ribbons by Leesa Cross Smith Grab the Women, you are sleek and gorgeous You hold us together you re the ribbons We re men Dangerous only if you take us too seriously We re whiskey To whiskey and Whiskey Ribbons A Novel Cross Smith s thrilling debut novel, Whiskey and Ribbons, is as immediate and compelling as music Her three lovers tell their stories, each turning over what we

Whiskey & Ribbons Reviews

  • Ashley (BooksandButtons)

    “What no one tells you about grief is that you don’t want to figure out a way to live with it - you want the part of you that hurts to die instead.”

    This is a story of grief, but it is also a story of healing, and it is written in a lyrical way that defies a lot of “literary rules” (in my opinion). It is told like a very personal conversation, a diary or confession to a lover. It’s raw, edgy, direct, sexy, and authentic to each of the character’s voices as you’re inside their most intimate though

  • Rachel Pollock

  • Jessica Woodbury

    It's an unusual combination to have a book with equal parts romance and grief, but it turns out it's not a bad combination. I loved Cross-Smith's voice and the way she was able to get me so deep in those feelings, and instead of being in conflict with each other, those emotions drew each other out more deeply.

    This was 4-stars for me until about halfway through when the momentum slowed down. There had been direction and then it became more stagnant. I don't think this will impact a lot of readers

  • Laura

    READ THIS BEAUTIFUL BOOK! I laughed, I cried in the break room at work, and then I waited several hours after getting home to finish the last 20 pages, just so it would last a little longer.

    Eamon and Evi are counting down the days to the birth of their son when the unthinkable happens - Eamon is killed in the line of duty. Their stories, and that of Eamon’s brother, Dalton, are told in alternating chapters and along different timelines.

    It sounds like this would be a sad story, a difficult novel

  • Andre

    At the risk of sounding cliché, the prose is poetic. Now that we have established that, let’s take a look at this story of family and grief. This is a difficult review to write because I don’t want to give away too much, but the central conflict of this novel is a deep moral quandary. I knew right away where I stood and so the reading for me was a search for how and why?

    Grieving is a most difficult process and we often are driven to act in ways we normally would not absent the grieving process.

  • Vanessa Ames

    Fantastic book by a very talented writer. I can not wait to see what comes next!

  • Alayna

    I don't know where to begin so I will start by saying this: There are some sentences that nobody else in the world could write besides Leesa and I love that she wrote an entire book full of them! Her writing is so fun to digest. It's like eating pieces of candy very slowly.

    This story begins in the saddest place which means it could feel bleak and unconquerable and like the darkest side of everything, but Leesa treats these characters with so much care that, even when you know what happens to the

  • Gabriella

    I don’t think I can adequately express how much I loved this book, but I have to try! In her first novel, Leesa Cross-Smith proves just how much we needed her work. Whiskey & Ribbons is a devastating, intimate, lover’s knot of a book, and so far it’s my favorite of the year.

    Without spoiling too much, this is the story of the Royce Family, namely Evangeline, Eamon, and Dalton Berkeley-Royce. When Eamon, a Louisville police sergeant, is killed during a house call, he leaves his wife Evangeline