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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Rosie Project comes a story of taking chances and learning to love again as two people, one mourning her husband and the other recovering from divorce, cross paths on the centuries-old Camino pilgrimage from France to Spain.The Chemin will change you. It changes everyoneThe Chemin, also known as the Camino de Santiago, is a centuries-old pilgrim route that ends in Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain. Every year, thousands of walkerssome devout, many notfollow the route that wends through quaint small villages and along busy highways alike, a journey unlike any other.Zoe, an artist from California whos still reeling from her husbands sudden death, has impulsively decided to walk the Camino, hoping to find solace and direction. Martin, an engineer from England, is road-testing a cart of his own designand recovering from a messy divorce. They begin in the same French town, each uncertain of what the future holds. Zoe has anticipated the physical difficulties of her trek, but she is less prepared for other challenges, as strangers and circumstances force her to confront not just recent loss, but long-held beliefs. For Martin, the pilgrimage is a test of his skills and endurance but also, as he and Zoe grow closer, of his willingness to trust othersand himselfagain.Smart and funny, insightful and romantic, Two Steps Forward reveals that the most important journeys we make arent measured in miles, but in the strength, wisdom, and love found along the way. Fans of The Rosie Project will recognize Graeme Simsions uniquely quirky and charming writing style....

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Two Steps Forward Reviews

  • Sharon Metcalf

    Two Steps Forward by husband and wife team Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist was an uplifting and thoroughly enjoyable novel. Though completely different from Simsion's "Rosie" series it contained a number of my favourite elements. For example the writing was engaging so that once started I didn't want to stop reading, the characters were likeable, the story well executed and the setting interesting. Having walked the Chemin/Camino themselves - from Cluny in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain ...more

  • Jennifer

    I was first on the list at my local library for Two Steps Forward, as I have been eagerly awaiting any new work with Graeme Simsion's name attached. I was obviously overly excited because Two Steps Forward did very little for me. The parts I did enjoy and warranted all the stars was meeting all the characters in the midst of their Camino de Santiago pilgrimage to Spain. It was so interesting to see everyone's reason for making the religious pilgrimage, and not only did I learn something new but

    "In 2011, literary couple Graeme Simsion (The Rosie Project, The Rosie Effect and The Best of Adam Sharp) and Anne Buist (Medea's Curse and Dangerous to Know), walked for 87 days from Cluny in France to Santiago de Compestela, covering 2038 kilometres."
    Knowing that the authors actually had firsthand experience allowed me to understand why the trail became a character in its own right. I loved this element.

    However, the two main characters were very one-dimensional to me. The grieving three-week widow Zoe did not seem to be grieving at all. I didn't feel anything from her and this impacted all the other dynamics such as her internal and external journey and her slow romance with the divorced male lead: Martin who she meets on the trail, and who I struggled similarly with but not quite as much. Maybe this was due to the audiobook performance, maybe I read this on a bad day, maybe the trail completely outshined everything else (which is an explanation I could live with), but it was my experience nonetheless. Although 100% unemotional for me personally, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about this ancient pilgrimage that I don't remember ever hearing about before.

    Learning is good. Three stars.

    My favorite quote:

    "The path is not a straight line but every step takes you closer." ...more

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  • Beadyjan

    A sweet romantic read perfect for summer and great for readers who dream of doing a long walk or pilgrimage.

  • Michele

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    Two Steps Forward followed two people on their incredible three month quest across parts of France and Spain to walk the Chemin which completely changed them, along with how their lives were enhanced by every person they met along the way.

    Being a fan of The Rosie Project, I was interested in Graeme Simsion’s newest book, especially as it was co-written with his wife Anne Buist. And Two Steps Forward was quite the amazing journey for our protagonists–one

  • Lisa

    [3.5 stars] I like the idea of going on a walking "pilgrimage" to work through life's problems. ("The Unlikely Pilgramage of Harold Frye" and "Wild" are two favorites of mine) This is the premise of Two Steps Forward. Zoe and Martin, both middle aged, are separately walking "The Chemin" through France and Spain. I enjoyed both of their journeys and the description of the trail and wish I could go on this walk! It sounds like a very appealing experience.

    The alternating narratives sometimes felt

  • Kate Forsyth

    A charming romantic comedy set on the Camino Trail, Two Steps Forward is told in alternating chapters between the voices of Martin, an engineer from Yorkshire, and Zoe, an artist from California. Both are struggling with hurt and bereavement in their lives. Martin is in the midst of a messy divorce, and trying to rebuild his relationship with his teenage daughter. Zoe’s husband has recently died, leaving her exhausted in mind and body, and not sure how to go on in her life alone.

    The couple firs

  • Karen Carter

    I love the title of this book, it is just perfect and encapsulates the essence of the book in both its literal and metaphorical sense.

    For both Martin and Zoe life has taken an unexpected change for the worse and they have taken to the Camino walk to try and re-find themselves and embark ,with tentative steps, on their new way of life. There is humour in the book but it is also about who we are and who we mould ourselves to be. There is an interesting range of supporting characters who are also