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The tensions in a tight-knit neighborhoodand a seemingly happy marriageare exposed by an unexpected act of violence in this provocative new novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Millers Valley and Still Life with Bread Crumbs.Some days Nora Nolan thinks that she and her husband, Charlie, lead a charmed lifeexcept when theres a crisis at work, a leak in the roof at home, or a problem with their twins at college. And why not? New York City was once Noras dream destination, and her clannish dead-end block has become a safe harbor, a tranquil village amid the urban craziness. Then one morning she returns from her run to discover that a terrible incident has shaken the neighborhood, and the fault lines begin to open: on the block, at her job, especially in her marriage. With humor, understanding, an acute eye, and a warm heart, Anna Quindlen explores what it means to be a mother, a wife, and a woman at a moment of reckoning....

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Alternate Side by Anna Quindlen Goodreads . quiet stars to Alternate Side, my first novel by Anna Quindlen . Alternate Side was a clever title for a story about the haves and have nots and neighbors on two sides of an issue Set on a dead end street in Manhattan, Nora Nolan, married to Charlie, narrates this story. The Alternate Side WFUV Kurt Vile The Violators and Russ Borris at WFUV photo by Brenna Keeley Alternate Side by Anna Quindlen About Alternate Side NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Captures the angst and anxiety of modern life with astute observations about interactions between the The Alternate Side Alternate_Side Twitter Up later at , I ve got a big show planned for Alternate_Side on wfuv A ridiculous amount of new music to play and only three hours to do it.picitter Alternate Side by Anna Quindlen, Hardcover Barnes The Hardcover of the Alternate Side by Anna Quindlen at Barnes Noble FREE Shipping on or Alternate Side Anna Quindlen Buy Alternate Side by Anna Quindlen ISBN from s Book Store Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Alternate Side A Novel Anna Quindlen Alternate Side A Novel Anna Quindlen on FREE shipping on qualifying offers NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Captures the angst and anxiety of

Alternate Side Reviews

  • ☮Karen

    This will be a difficult review, because I have loved every one of Anna Quindlen's books -- but I didn't love this one. She writes about New York life and motherhood, neither of which have much to do with me, yet I still find her stories and her storytelling flawless.

    However, I almost didn't finish this book because at first it was all about a parking lot on a dead end street. And a husband who was obsessed with renting a spot and proud as a peacock when his wish was granted. While I was struggl

  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader

    3.75 quiet stars to Alternate Side, my first novel by Anna Quindlen! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐.75

    Alternate Side was a clever title for a story about the haves and have nots and neighbors on two sides of an issue. Set on a dead end street in Manhattan, Nora Nolan, married to Charlie, narrates this story.

    Overflowing with characters all residing close together, it took some time to get everyone straight. The pinnacle event happens over a dispute about a parking space. Anyone who’s lived somewhere where parking is at

  • Theresa Alan

    3.5 stars. The first twelve percent of this novel drops so many names it’s dizzying. You learn the name of everyone in the neighborhood, including children and dogs. I was keeping notes so I could remember in case anything ever actually happened. MY GOD GET TO THE STORY.

    There is a lot of funny commentary about marriage and the quirks of living in New York City. It turns out that, while eventually there is an inciting incident that pits neighbor against neighbor, really, the real story is about

  • JanB

    Nora and Charlie are wealthy, soon-to-be empty nesters who live in an exclusive, tight-knit neighborhood in NYC, where very few of the characters are likable. Although their lives are not relatable - I’m not a wealthy New Yorker living in a posh neighborhood - many of Nora’s insights were. I like the way Anna Quindlen writes in a quiet way and delivers sentences and passages without a lot of fanfare, but they make me pause and thoughtfully consider them. There’s not a lot of action, as the narra ...more

  • Jennifer

    "Their marriage had become like the AA prayer: 'God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.' Or at least to move into a zone in which I so don't care anymore and scarcely notice. Nora had thought this was their problem alone until she realized that it was what had happened to almost everyone she knew who was still married, even some of those who were on their second husbands."

    Quindlen strikes gold again in her latest novel about privileged empty-nesters in Manhattan who fi

  • Norma

    3.5 Stars rounded up!

    ALTERNATE SIDE by ANNA QUINDLEN is an enjoyable, entertaining, and easy read that made me laugh, think, reflect, and ponder.

    ANNA QUINDLEN delivers an interesting, insightful, well-written and engaging story here set on a dead-end block in Manhattan. The story is narrated exclusively by Nora and through her perspective we really get an inside look into her thoughts. Her thoughts is what I really enjoyed the most!

    ALTERNATE SIDE was a clever title for this story and I enjoyed t

  • Enchantress  debbicat ☮

    This is my first read by Anna Quindlen. I believe her to be a very good writer and will add more books by her to my to be read list. I enjoyed much about this book. I liked a few of the characters, some not so much. It is set in New York City. I imagine a true New Yorker would enjoy it more than I did. I live in the south. There were references to places I have visited down this way. GA, and the Carolinas specifically.

    I felt at first that the story was hard to get into. There were a lot of char

  • Angela M

    “Miller’s Valley” was the first book I read by Anna Quindlen and I was so taken with the characters, the story, her writing in that book. I didn’t end up liking this one as much. The writing is good. I always enjoy books about NYC, and there are some important observations about marriage and how people connect. Quindlen provides food for thought in this book. The dichotomy between the lives of the wealthy people on this street and those who work for them is evident on a daily basis - alternate s ...more