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The Ruin (Cormac Reilly #1)

It's been twenty years since Cormac Reilly discovered the body of Hilaria Blake in her crumbling Georgian home. But he's never forgotten the two children she left behind...When Aisling Conroy's boyfriend Jack is found in the freezing black waters of the river Corrib, the police tell her it was suicide. A surgical resident, she throws herself into study and work, trying to forget - until Jack's sister Maude shows up. Maude suspects foul play, and she is determined to prove it.DI Cormac Reilly is the detective assigned with the re-investigation of an 'accidental' overdose twenty years ago - of Jack and Maude's drug- and alcohol-addled mother. Cormac is under increasing pressure to charge Maude for murder when his colleague Danny uncovers a piece of evidence that will change everything...This unsettling crime debut draws us deep into the dark heart of Ireland and asks who will protect you when the authorities can't - or won't. Perfect for fans of Tana French and Jane Casey....

Title : The Ruin (Cormac Reilly #1)
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ISBN : 9780143133124
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 400 pages
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The Ruin (Cormac Reilly #1) Reviews

  • Mandy Radley

    You can't beat a damn good police procedural, forget all these psychological thrillers that are popping up everywhere. Dervla McTiernan, never heard of her before, was recommended at a recent book meeting, writes the first in the Cormac Reilly series, a Guarda now working out of Galway. Highly recommended and I can't wait for the next one to come out next year.

  • Mary

    After a stellar career in special units, Detective Cormac Reilly has returned to Galway to happily support his partner's career. But the new office is suspicious of his motives and he is being smothered in cold cases.

    Aisling Conroy's partner, Jack, is found dead in the river and the police say that it is suicide. She doesn't believe it and neither does Jack's sister, Maude, who turns up after decades, just too late to see Jack again.

    Coincidentally (or is it?), Cormac had been given the cold ca

  • Jessica Woodbury

    There's a lot of excellent Irish crime fiction and now we have a new series to add to the list. While Reilly is just the latest big city detective to move out to a smaller city and an unfriendly new team of fellow officers, he felt more alive on the page than the usual cop trope. The whole novel does what my favorite crime fiction does: focuses above all on character and uses that as the lens through which the plot unfolds.

    It took me a little while to get situated, but I was willing to wait. The

  • Brenda

    Surgical resident Aisling Conroy was happy with her life. Her desire to become a surgeon was within her grasp; her boyfriend Jack Blake was someone she knew she would spend the rest of her life with. The love they shared was deep and real. But after a long night in A&E, breakfast with Jack then waking late that afternoon to find Jack gone - not returning home overnight either - the knock on the door the next morning was a devastating shock. Aisling would not believe what the garda were telli ...more

  • Ingrid

    Ruin is Irish for secret.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I just cannot get my head around it being a debut! The story has a fast pace and is very well built up. Cormac Reilly is sympathetic and straight forward. I'm very enthousiastic and very sorry that I have to wait till March 2019 for the next book in the series.

  • Andrea

    I've read some really, really good debuts this year, and this one is right up there.

    DS Cormac Reilly has recently transferred from Dublin to Galway. He hasn't felt particularly welcome at his new station, being assigned a mountain of cold cases to re-work on his own. When he is told to investigate the overdose death of Hilaria Blake - a case that he had himself flagged as a suspicious death just one week into his policing career 20 years ago - he begins to think there is more going on at the sta

  • Marie McLean

    The Rúin lives up to its promise as being ‘the most addictive crime fiction debut of 2018’.

    Set in Ireland, this is the first in a series of detective Cormac Reilly novels. It is well written, fast paced, and will leave you wondering who to trust.

    An apparent suicide in 2013 is linked to a twenty-year old cold case - a drug overdose which Cormac worked on as a young officer in the Irish police force.

    Cormac has recently moved back to Galway for personal reasons, and is an outsider among the other

  • Heidi

    Some of my favourite police procedurals have been set in Ireland, and this one is definitely in that category! What makes my heart sing is that it is only the start of a (hopefully long) series, and that the author is already working on a sequel.

    What could be more intriguing than an old cold case with links to a current crime, especially when it tugs on your heartstrings, with the main characters being young children? I love novels that take you on a journey of discovery, one clue at a time, onl