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Find You In The Dark

A chilling debut thriller in the vein of Dexter and The Talented Mr Ripley.Martin Reese has a hobby: he digs up murder victims. He buys stolen police files on serial killers, and uses them to find and dig up missing bodies. Calls in the results anonymously, taunting the police for their failure to do their job.Detective Sandra Whittal takes that a little personally. Shes suspicious of the mysterious caller, who she names the Finder. Maybe hes the one leaving the bodies behind. If not, whos to say he wont start soon?As Whittal begins to zero in on the Finder, Martin makes a shocking discovery. It seems someonesomeone lethalis very unhappy about the bodies hes been digging up.Hunted by a cop, hunted by a killer. To escape and keep his family safe, Martin may have to go deeper into the world of murder than he ever imagined....

Title : Find You In The Dark
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Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 352 pages
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Find You In The Dark Reviews

  • Kim

    Martin Reese has an unusual hobby. He finds the bodies of murder victims that have not yet been discovered. Using old case files for reference, he looks for seemingly random or unimportant clues that police working on the cases originally missed. He keeps photos of the bodies, along with detailed records of how he uncovered them, stored in his 'scrapbook', an old computer which is hidden away in a locked drawer in his house. Once he uncovers the remains he phones 911 anonymously on disposable ce ...more

  • Lisa Jordan

    Hello book. Your blurb speaks to all the twisted parts of me. Let's be BFF's.

    I'm just going to put out into the universe how much l want to win an ARC for this book. SO. MUCH.

    Please and thanks Universe. Regards, Lisa (super excited fan girl w/ black heart).

  • Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin*

    DNF @ 54%

    This sounded really interesting to me, but I just couldn't get into it. The story moved slowly, and I found the writing a bit clumsy, especially when another POV was introduced after the 40% mark.

    Thanks to NetGalley for the chance to review!

  • Jenn

    Martin Reese is a family man, but he has a dark secret - he's obsessed with murder and has been for years. He's been illegally buying police files on serial killers. He studies these files in depth and uses them as guides to find the missing bodies. He never takes anything except pictures that he stores on an old laptop. He calls the police and tells them where to look and he does it anonymously. When a crooked cop goes missing Detective Sandra Whittal zeroes in on the mysterious caller. She doe ...more

  • Bandit

    Yet another thriller. There are so many out there. Never heard of the author, but looked interesting, nice name, why not. This one was in a word…competent. It just wasn’t enough. In fact the entire book in all its aspects was almost good enough in a pretty frustrating way. The only real success here was the representation of the Reese family, realistic dynamics, great dialogue. The rest…well, there’s the almost but not quite unreliable narrator, Martin, the man with serious sociopathic tendencie ...more

  • Nancy

    I found the premise of the book interesting. A person searching for the victims of long dead serial killers. Anonymously giving the location of his finds to the police for the families to finally have closure of losing their loved ones. But there is someone out there that isn’t happy about these long dead victims being found. With one cop suspicious of this so called Good Samaritan and a serial killer zeroing in on Martin Reese, he needs to race to protect his family or lose everything.

    The book

  • Selena

    I received a free e-copy of Find you In The Dark by Nathan Ripley from NetGalley for my honest review. This book is Nathan Ripley‘s debut thriller.

    This book is about a wealthy retired man, Martin, who has a family of his own. He is bored and is obsessed with serial killers. He secretly researches and digs up missing victims of serial killers. He feels like he is doing people a favor by helping solve mysteries secretly and doing thing that the police don't do.

    Martin's most recent dig is the bod

  • Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews

    *3.5 Stars

    This book is marketed as being comparable to Dexter and The Talented Mr. Ripley. These are great tags to pull a reader like myself in, but you have to live up to your own hype. Once you get to know Martin Reese, the comparison of characters is there. Let’s see how the story holds up.

    Nathan Ripley has created a unique story arc. It has a lot of great twists and turns, with a couple of “I did not see that coming” moments. It was lacking a little something – something that would have kept