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Beware the Past

One terrible case always haunted Detective Matt Ballard. Now many years later, the killer seems to be back, and this time he's after Matt.When Matt Ballard was starting out his career, three boys were murdered in the same area, the remote and bleak Gibbet Fen. When the main suspect was killed in a hit-and-run, the killings stopped. But Matt was not satisfied that the real murderer had been caught.Over 25 years later, Matt gets a photo in an unmarked envelope. Its of the Gibbet Fen crime scene. And the picture was taken before the murder took place.More photos arrive, relating to the historic murders, as well as intimate pictures of Matts very secret private life.A killer who will stop at nothing to destroy a detective.Then another murder happens, with some of the hallmarks of the old case. Has the killer returned or is this just a sick copycat determined to ruin Matts life and reputation? Everyone around Matt is in danger as the killer plays mind games with the detective.In an absolutely breathtaking conclusion, Matt and his team race against time to stop a vicious killer who knows no limits.WHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT BEWARE THE PASTI think I forgot to breathe every now and then while I was reading and really begrudged having to put the book down. BarbaraA simply brilliant book, so many twists and turns, I had no idea what to expect at any time. JanetThe suspense starts on Page 1 and continues through the twists and turns until the very surprising ending. Linda StrongOMG, this book was fantastic I absolutely loved it. I was gripped from the first page but as the tension and suspense mounted throughout the book it just got better and better and that ending, well just WOW! Dawn JonesGripping from beginning to end. OlgaWithout doubt Joy Ellis' best yet, this from someone who has read all of the Ellis novels. RonFull of suspense, many clues and leads that only lead to dead-ends. Interesting characters with a past and buried secrets. MissmesmerizedThe SettingEngland's rural fenland is a strange place, with its never-ending fields, winding tracks, and long straight droves (the old livestock routes) that lead to nowhere. The lonely lanes are flanked either side by deep drainage ditches and are, for a good part of the year, filled with tall, whispering reeds. Closer to the Wash, high seabanks form a barrier between river and marsh, and the richly fertile soil of the drained land. But when the mists come down, as they so often do, perspective is destroyed and all sense of direction lost, and then the fens become a rather frightening place of mystery and danger. Somewhere that you do not want to be at night.Perfect for fans of Rachel Abbott, Robert Bryndza, Mel Sherratt, Angela Marsons, Colin Dexter, or Ruth Rendell.ALSO BY JOY ELLISTHE NIKKI GALENA SERIESBook 1: CRIME ON THE FENSBook 2: SHADOW OVER THE FENSBook 3: HUNTED ON...

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Beware the Past Reviews

  • Book Lover

    25 years ago, three 11-year-old boys were brutally killed. The main suspect was killed in a hit and run accident and the killings stopped. DCI Matt Ballard was just starting his career when he helped investigate these crimes. He and his team start getting photos from the previous deaths and an 11-year-old boy is found dead, murdered in a similar way to the 3 previous boys. As the investigation moves forward, it looks more and more like DCI Ballard is specifically being targeted, and it’s placing ...more

  • Marleen

    Expecting a great British police procedural read, I was rather disenchanted with this one. Joy Ellis is an unknown to me, so I gave it a go. Unfortunately, for me, there was simply too much cruelty and evil behavior to even be able to enjoy it. How can authors take pleasure in creating such hideous characters, and have them act out on the page – and not just for a small fraction of the book, but for pages on end. I’m so tired of books with this mindset.

    Please, give me stories with authentic and

  • Louise Wilson

    Detective Matt Ballard is haunted by a traumatic case he never solved. In the 1990's three boys were murdered in the same area, the remote and bleak Gibbet Fen. When the main suspect was killed, the killings stopped. But Matt was never satisfied that the real killer had been caught. Twenty five years later, another killing takes place on Gibbet Fen. Has the killer returned or is this a copycat killing?

    This is a new standalone book from the author, Joy Ellis. A suspense packed thriller that is ju

  • lesley Benrimoj

    Ten Stars!

    Its 2:45am and I've just finished this book! I would say its been one of the most exciting books I've read for a long time! I love joy Ellis novels and have to say this stand alone book is a cracker. I was reading to get to the end as was totally enthralled and engrossed in the story......its now finished and I'm exhausted. Great story.... Great book!!

  • Misfits farm

    Twenty five years ago DC Matt Ballard found a body whilst staking out a drugs drop. Two more bodies were found shortly afterwards, all three were eleven year old boy whom no one would miss. The perpetrator was thought to have been found dead but several investigating the case didn’t believe it was quite that simple. Fast forward to now and Matt is now a DCI, just a few short months away from retirement. His past has been jaded and then he receives, via one of his colleague,s a photograph. He is ...more

  • Aaron Case

    Eh, not the worst book I've ever read, but not a good one either. Cheap, dumb, mystery. The subtitle, "A gripping crime thriller with a huge twist" sets the book up for failure. That means that anyone could be the killer, so I suspected everyone. I figured it out a little more than half way through who it probably was, and as the book unraveled from there it became clearer and clearer whodunit. When the big reveal came I was not shocked in the least. The dialog was clunky, the modern police tech ...more

  • Lisa Clift

    Oooh it's always good when you discover a new author, and last night I found Joy! This is an excellent murder mystery, with plenty of twists and double bluffs, and a flawed hero. Can't wait to dive into the rest of her books.

  • Susan Angela Wallace

    Beware the past by joy Ellis.

    Omg. An absolutely fantastic read with great characters. Dci matt ballard is on the hunt for a killer. But this killer has matt in his sight and he is playing a deadly game himself. Is he the killer from 25 years ago? I had my suspicion but it completely shocked me. Highly recommend this book. 5*.