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Jewel of the Sea (The Kraken #2)

HER INSPIRATION AND HER PASSIONThree months ago, Aymee had no idea the kraken half-human sea dwellers even existed. Now, the violet eyes of the kraken Arkon haunt her imagination, and she longs to know his touch. But word of his people has spread beyond The Watch, and Aymees attraction to Arkon may endanger the safety of human and kraken alike. To protect him, can she bring herself to forsake him? Is her desire for Arkon worth putting both their worlds at risk?HIS MUSE AND HIS JEWELArkon has spent his life in the pursuit of knowledge. Then he met Aymee and found a new quest: to make her his. She inspires him, draws him in, dominates his thoughts. When he finally builds the courage to approach her, shes everything he imagined and more. But a group of murderous humans are hunting the kraken, and continued contact with Aymee may destroy them both. Now that hes tasted her sweetness, he cant give her upbut can he risk his world and his people to satisfy his need for her?---------------------------------------Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content and is intended for mature readers only....

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Jewel of the Sea (The Kraken #2) Reviews

  • Jennifer Erwin

    I am not sure why, but I just can't get into this book. I really enjoyed the first one but I'm just not pulled in by Aymee or Arkon. I started skimming at 25% but had to put it down at about 50%. Nothing against the author, and I really did like the first one. I wish I could have liked this one, but it just wasn't pulling me in.

  • Tiffany Roberts

  • Grace

    3.8 stars.

    This one didn't have as much action in it. Some yes but I think book three will have a lot to do to wrap it all up. However, I loved these characters. The h is an artist and a doctor in training. She views sex as a way of life and has had a couple partners. The hero is an artist and his curiosity has always made him different to his people. He doesn't want to be used so he is a virgin. He is so sweet and adorable as well. The couple were already infatuated with each other from the las

  • J.M. Link

    Beautiful, bold, alien romance- and tentacles!!

    Okay, so when I read the first book, Treasure, I thought "Tentacles? This is freaking awesome!!" I love real alien romance and can't get enough. It was the cover that originally drew me though (GORGEOUS, and so is this one- Bravo!!). I was hooked with Jax & Macy's story, chomping at the bit for another. Thrilled they made it into a series.

    Tiffany & Rob did not disappoint with Book 2. Arkon was so sweet and endearing (though he definitely has

  • Vicki Stiefel

    In JEWEL OF THE SEA—a soaring tale of love defeating obstacles—Tiffany Roberts’ exceptional world building sets you on the planet of Halora and into the loves and lives of both humans and kraken, intelligent bio-engineered creatures. I adored Arkon and Aymee from the start – two artistic people who long for more. Their loneliness of spirit brings the two together, as they see each other in ways no other being has done.

    Artist and hunter Arkon is pulled by his desire for Amyee, while she sees a ki

  • Jannie Cv

    The Kraken series is intriguing!

    Aymee and Arkon are fascinated with each other. Even though Aymee’s parents and a few others are accepting of the Kraken, others are not sure. When the Hunters show up in town to investigate, there is danger for any involved with the Kraken.

    I adore Arkon’s shyness, he’s so careful with his offerings, unsure of whether Aymee will be interested. He loves her art, given in return. They are tender and playful with each other, and when danger threatens them both, he fi

  • Cymia Moss

    I loved this book. What we have here is love that finds it's way into the hearts of two kindred spirits that have been drawn to one another since their book one meeting. Our leading lady is Aymee, Macy's long time friend from The Watch. A highly spirited woman with not only a healers hands but an artist talent.

    Then our leading male is Arkon, a Kraken hunter who is a somewhat reclusive except to those he considers friends (or family), but is also a seeker of knowledge and has a talent towards i

  • Boundless Book Reviews

    I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

    Arkron is the artist type character.  Comparable to a musician or a starving artist in other stories.  I typically don’t read those because I like type A alpha males and Arkron is not that at all.  He tends to be more submissive to Aymee who is also an artist type.   

    Akron is drawn to Aymee because he seeks the type of relationship Jax has with Macy (book 1)  and Aymee is drawn to Arkron out of cu