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Somebody Else's Kids

"A heartwarming book full of tenderness." --Library Journal From the bestselling author of One Child, the true story of four problem children and one extraordinary teacher. They were all "just somebody else's kids"four problem children placed in Torey Hayden's class because nobody knew what else to do with them. They were a motley group of children in great pain: a small boy who echoed other people's words and repeated weather forecasts; a beautiful seven-year-old girl whose brain was damaged by savage parental beatings; an angry and violent ten-year-old who had watched his stepmother murder his father; a shy twelve-year-old who had been cast out of Catholic school when she became pregnant. But they shared one thing in common: a remarkable teacher who would never stop caringand who would share with them the love and understanding they had never known and help them become a family....

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Somebody Else's Kids Reviews

  • Beverley

    I read this book as a teen many times over and then re-read it as a young adult. It opened up my eyes on the different issues that my peers were dealing with (when I read it as a teen) and I was drawn in by the teacher (Torey L. Hayden) who never gave up on the children. It resonated with me and now, all these years later, I have worked many years in the field doing similar work. I find the book raw, truthful and inspirational. Well written and highly recommended.

  • Phillipa

    Torey Hayden's books seem to bring out the same reaction to me, every time (okay, so this is only the second, but I'm noticing a trend). The stories are well written and captivate you, but the end result generally fails to deliver because these are true stories. At least this one had a little more of an ending than the previous one I read. I think the scariest sub-story for me in this book was the pregnant twelve-year old. And it wasn't due to sexual abuse, she'd had sex. At 12. That's frighteni ...more

  • Naura

    As a former teacher; and now a professional who works in the Special Needs Community- I could not put this book down. There were part where, at times, I felt it be to a little too idealistic (even in the challenges and struggles of Torey); but the honest insight of dealing with disabled, disturbed, and abused children is just inspiring. Torey's passionate shines through in every page, and I cannot help but relate to her.

  • Lisa

    I truly enjoyed the story about these kids. I especially identified with the characters of Boothe, Lori, and Tomaso. I have worked with children with autism for several years and could totally picture Boo running around and doing all those odd behaviors. Lori reminds me a lot of me in school and all the struggles to fit in. Tomaso I really liked because it shows how just one person can change the life of a child for the better.

  • Holly

    Enjoyed this book so much! Working at schools I've seen similarities in students. I could relate so much

  • Lupi_19

    Somebody Else's Kids is a nonfiction book. I believe the reason she wrote this book was to tell her story or to inform people the fact that there are people with needs who need better classes available for them or just someone to lend them a hand. Regardless of which of those was her point I believe she achieved them. I really enjoyed this books story and I really enjoyed the fact that in her story she did not give up on them at all. She tried to help each of those students. There wasn't really ...more

  • Boilermkr88

    I read this book when I was in college, way back in the 80's. At the time I was studying to become a teacher and I wanted to soak up all the books about teaching that I could find. This is an excellent book for anyone who loves children and thinks the world is a better place with them in it!!!!

  • Yvonne

    This book was instrumental in securing my drive and determination to help children in some way, when I grew up. It was a remarkable look at teaching children with special needs, mostly behavioral and emotional needs. Her patience, her approach, her attitude, all of it made a huge impact on me, and I've carried many of her principles into the classroom today.