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Natural Mage (Magical Mayhem #2)

After narrowly surviving my debut into the magical world, I made a promise to myself: no more hiding in broom closets.But with the Mages Guild reorganizing faster than anyone thought possible, and naming me as their number one target, that promise seems a little far-fetched. Especially since my training with Callie and Dizzy, the highly experienced dual-mage pair, goes off like a cake in a cannon.Left to find someone that can fill the role, it isnt until a formal dinner party goes horribly wrong that I find the best (and worst) solution imaginable: Reagan Somerset, the leather-clad crazy woman who busted into my broom closet sanctuary in the first place.Through an off-kilter teaching style and many punches in the face, I learn my true potential.But with her happier busting heads and kicking in doors than staying put with a pupil in hiding, it isnt long before the world comes crashing down. The Guild has found me, and they intend to take me alive....

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Natural Mage (Magical Mayhem #2) Reviews

  • Elz

    I love this writer; I love this world; I love Reagan and Darius. I love Emery and Callie and Dizzy and EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE DAMN BOOK EXCEPT FOR PENNY.

    Has there ever been a more detestable main character? So far, only Evie from Arcana Chronicles comes to mind.

    Penny is so stupid and useless. Her power is wasted on her because she’s so dumb. It’s like her mum dropped her on her head when she was a child, and now she’s mentally defective. She’s almost 25 but behaves like a 12-year-old. And is th

  • Trudy

    K.F. is one of my go to authors so when I found out the pre-order was up for Natural Mage I immediately one clicked! As usual she did not disappoint! She just keeps getting better and so does the series!!!

    Penny started off as such a timid character and I did not think I was going to grow to love her as I have. Watching her come in to her own in everything life has to offer has been such an action packed fun ride!

    Once everyone finally comes to grip with the fact that Penny is unique in not just

  • Jenni Bishop

    And yet another amazing book from K.F. Breene Natural Mage is the follow on from Natural Witch in the Magical Mayhem series!! This brilliant read is full of magic and mayhem and you will find yourself laughing out loud. K.F is my go to author because she has such a natural talent for weaving a story that is so compelling that you never want to end. Who doesn’t love a paranormal story where all kinds of magical beings come together. With vampires and shifters, witches and mages and Reagan who has ...more

  • Clarke

    I enjoyed this book but it seemed to lack purpose. It had a lot of action and more violence then I prefer.

  • Jane

    Wow! Just wow! Magic, mayhem, and gut-bustingly hilarious hijinks abound in this 2nd book in the Magical Mayhem series. K. F. Breene has hit another home run with this one! She pulls you into the storyline right from the first chapter, and never lets go. I couldn't put it down. Join Penny, Emery, Callie and Dizzy, and Reagan in this fast-paced, action-filled, continuation of Penny's journey to grow into her magical potential.

    I received an ARC of the book, and I'm voluntarily stating my honest op

  • Peter Carlstrom

    Not as good as the 1st

    It was more of the filler episode with quite a few chapters unnecessarily prolonging the book. Lots of situations didn’t contribute to the story nor brought more enjoyment to the book. The girl was just too wimpy, trembling, fearful and clueless. Typical “chosen one” scenario with bumbling and fumbling heroine that was not very interesting, funny or smart.

  • Jessica Horton

    Penny is a natural mage. She grew up without the training she would normally get and has to figure out how all this magical stuff works. Her two teachers (Dizzy and Callie) are a pair of crazy older mages.

    Dizzy and Callie aren’t working out and training is going no where, so of course Darius, a vampire guy, thinks he can do a better job helping her “open herself up”.

    He was wrong, of course. Not only does she almost lose control, she ends up waking up a really old nasty vampire that wants to kil

  • Bobbi

    This book starts where the last book left off, bringing you more twists and turns and edge of your seat action. Penny is becoming more and more my favorite character in this series. She is learning her gifts more and more with the help of Reagan and Darius. And how to love and care with Emery by her side. I seriously can't wait for more.