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You know the story. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, two kids, white picket fence. This isnt that story. This is more like... Man meets woman. Man sleeps with woman. Man meets another woman, sleeps with her. And so on. You get the idea.I own a small boutique hotel in New Orleans, the Kingston. Ive seen men do some stupid stuff in the name of the woman they love, or at least the woman they love for the night. Thats not me. Im always in control. Youd be surprised how much you can get away with on just good manners and a smile. Its the only way to keep my secrets safely locked away. And my smile hides a lot. Until her.She turns me down flat. Playing hard to get is my favorite game. Its the thrill of the chase. Only problem is, I think its me thats getting caught....

Title : To the Fall
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ISBN : 9780999503300
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 258 pages
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To the Fall Reviews

  • Dilek VT

    From the PROLOGUE:

    Want to know who I really am? My real thoughts? How shit really went down? Then turn the page. But if you can’t handle the truth, I suggest you stop reading now. What follows isn’t all pretty.

    Life’s funny. You think you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to, then boom—something knocks you right on your ass.


    We all have a story to tell. I’m here, she’s in that hospital bed, and this is the story I’ve got.


    I had originally de

  • Carlene Inspired

    5 Stars, because this book and Prescott Lane deserve it, plus any book that gets to me that emotionally MUST get 5 stars.

    To The Fall is a standalone romance novel told from main character, Pierce Kingston's, point-of-view. It's the story of Pierce and his denial of all things love, marriage, and least until now. He's the hotshot owner of small, popular boutique hotel, but he's best known by all for his personal life. He loves women, but not in the way they want. He's committed to giv

  • Paige

    5+ “Diet” Stars

    Wow. I finished this book late last night and I woke up thinking about it. I finished yoga thinking about. I cleaned the house thinking about. And I fall more in love with it the more I think about it. This book impressed me. It snuck up on me. It is going to be one of this year’s favorites and I can safely say that knowing it’s only February. To the Fall had me enraptured and pulled me deeper with every word. It’s different. It’s emotional. It was perfect.

    To the Fall follows Pie

  • Snow

    Damn, I need a little time to process all of this...

    Anyway, this story started in one way only to unravel into something completely overwhelming and to end in semi satisfactory way...

    We start with the singular POV of a playboy womanizer a boutique hotel owner Pierce Kingston who tells us his story of how he ended up in a court ordered therapy session as a part of a penance for being involved in an "alleged prostitution case" charges....

    And NO, it's not what it looks like...

    As Pierce explains t

    My perfect length of stay? Long enough to enjoy the sights, but short enough that they don't overstay my welcome.

    his therapist Dr. Lorraine slowly and patiently leads Pierce to face his past, that is tightly linked with his one and only female friend Annie, his little stepsister Tawny while simoultaneously he tries to cope with emotional and physical turmoil caused by Sutton Presley , the only woman who declines his ministrations, charm and sexual attraction...and even though she stands for everything Pierce is running away from...

    It abundantly clear that Sutton is a white picket fence woman. She wants love, a family, a house, the whole shit pot. This is a big ass red flag. I should be bolting, but for some reason, I'm still sitting here.

    he can't stay away from her...

    And he puts in the work...he's adamant to show her the pleasures he can give her, the high sky fireworks of sexual tension and obvious chemistry put in action, if only his therapist didn't gave him a task to fulfill - a prescribed sex-diet, no touching, no kissing, no coupling, until the step by step of getting to know another person takes place...that would eventually lead one step further into the unknown - the actual relationship

    BUT in fact, when the deeply hidden and burried horrible secret Pierce built his "womanizer facade" on, but that was leaving him empy of deeper emotions, yet filled with crippling guilt making him unable to move on with acceptance, it will take a strong woman who would stand beside him to undertake the heavy load Pierce's been carrying for 15 long years...

    That's what love is. Your hopes and dreams become mine, and mine yours. Your fears and fights become my battles.

    giving him the reason to face with it, the strength to cope with it and further on, the support and love to heal...

    It's only when we're at our worst that we can trust someone's love for us. Only when we've seen someone at their worst that they truly know how much we love them.

    So, it's true that I LOVE the surprise factor in the books I pick.

    Since I accepted this book as an ARC and based merely on the blurb, the surprise factor was indeed a fuckin surprise LOL, go figure that...

    As the story unravels farther, I grew from giggling and being relaxed, towards emotionally involved and mentaly - totally pissed, enraged, to be exact.

    The revelations of the events in the past that lead towards main character's development as the person we see him in present are simply infuriatingly and painfully hard to grasp. And I won't go into details cause it's a huge spoiler and that would ruin the whole experience for you, If I would tell you while ranting...and than the full impact of the stroy would lose its power of delivering emotionally gripping effect.

    So, all I'm going to say, and that is being the reason for giving it 4.5 stars but not going over the edge into a 5 stars, cause of two segments:

    1) the beginning was a distraction for me in perceiving Pierce as something more than just a playboy womanizer, he had a slick humor and charm BUT otherwise he really did feel cold and distant and I didn't take him seriously until somewhere around 60% which is kind of a bit too late for me to develop more than just "liking" for the hero.

    2) the CLOSURE.

    The hero found his peace, and he moved on, so I guess you can say he found his closure, sort of.

    I didn't.

    There was none for me.

    And concerning the subject (which I am not revealing LOL) I felt like the bad shit won in a way, even though the hero found his peace and all BUT I didn't, I couldn't, knowing the bad shit just happened and no one payed for it, other than the victims. And that was just a bit too close to the real life scenario to just accept it and move on, cause dammit, I did sign up for fictional read, after all.


    BUT I say it again, these are only MY immpresions and feels and opinons on the matter.

    You can either take them into a count OR not.

    Better yet, don't, read the book, and make your own opinions, and feels and immpresions, cause this is a good story with insightful life altering truths and thoughts.

    ***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*** ...more

  • Zilpha Owens

    Pierce Kingston is an interesting character. When first meeting him he’s a bit arrogant but you can just tell there’s a softer side to him. He has commitment and trust issues. Sutton Presley is a strong independent woman but has been hurt in the past. He and his best friend, Annie, share a secret. Told mostly in Pierce’s POV with flashes to the past there’s a bit of mystery that keeps you turning the pages. It’s an insta-love romance that is plot driven.

  • Lu Bielefeld **

    #TSTL #DSTposterboy

    Avoid and Move On ==>Great Review Here

  • Tina

    This is a disgusting piece of shit is all I'm gonna say.

    If you want more info read my friend Leonor review

    I will just say that I can't believe someone would write this kind of a hero, a truly trulyyy piece of shit, and call this a romance.

    I am gonna puke now, bye

  • Laura- BookBistroBlog

    To the Fall

    By: Prescott Lane

    5 Sex Diet Stars!!

    What a BOOK!!! Started this yesterday and could not stop reading it. Finished it last night. I’ve always enjoyed Prescott Lane’s writing. But this one hit a home-run with me! Knocked it out of the ballpark! Very few books have had me start and finish in one day. To the Fall sucks you in from the beginning and you can’t stop reading till the story is finished. So many layers to uncover that you can't possibly stop reading this one until they are all u