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In The Corsair's Bed (Corsairs #2)

As a pirate, I tend to hang out with unsavory outcasts at the edges of the known universe. Im used to running into thieves, assassins and fugitives. It shouldnt surprise me to see a forbidden human female for sale in the tunnels of the space station, but I hate it. When I see shes near death, I have to act. I buy her. She spits in my face. Its love at first sight. At least, its love at first sight on my end. I know it can never be, though, because Im an ugly beast of an alien to her. The enemy. If only she knew just how many laws Id be willing to break for one taste of her lips...

Title : In The Corsair's Bed (Corsairs #2)
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In The Corsair's Bed (Corsairs #2) Reviews

  • T00zday

    Ruby Dixon is the literary equivalent of a hot cup of tea and a warm soft blanket on a winter night. Its just never bad.

    This is another total SCORE in her aliens series.

    This is separate from the Ice Planet Barbarians series, but same species of blue aliens with kidnapped humans.

    Warm fuzzy rescue of a down but not out heroine by a big sweet teddy bear of an alien.

    HFN ending


  • phoebess

    In the Corsair's Bed featured the cutest and gentlest male character I've ever read. He stole my heart in the first paragraph. Coupled with the playful mood that was going on between Tarekh and Cat, I devoured their sweet story like a starved tiger.

  • K.M. Montemayor

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder stars

    Tarekh's a medic on a pirate ship. One day, he comes across a female slave who's been almost beaten to death. He buys her and takes her back to his ship to bandage her wounds.

    Cat's had an awful life as a slave. She's had to fight for her life. She doesn't trust this medic, believing he bought her just to use her. It takes time, but eventually Tarekh earns her trust.

    I loved this story. I tore through the book in one day. They both have baggage. Cat do

  • Tiblu

    More of a novella than a full story... short and sweet...

    More of a novella than a full story... short and sweet...

    Good characters, as nice at it is there really wasn’t much here...

    Heroine gets rescued,spins the story getting settled in and making friends, learning to trust again after her ordeal and heal and slow starts to fall the hero...

    By the time they get together the next chapter after they are done is the epilogue ....

    This is a nice story but I wish there a bit more depth story here especi

  • Ann Hupe

    OMG! A day-in-the-life of the Dancing Fool! Big, blue, horny (literally) aliens are back!

    Okay. I confess. I’m hooked on really big and tall, blue-skinned aliens with thick horns, sexy tails, and interesting… uh…. entertainment accoutrements. But I really do love this universe that Ruby Dixon has created with her multiple spinoffs that have been working far better than I’ve expected. I also appreciate that she isn’t banging out novel/la after novel/la, meeting impossible deadlines that cheapens t

  • Whitney

    Just a quick read.

  • AvidReader

    Heroine was a spitfire!

    And I love it.

    This series is getting better and better. Catrin was kidnapped from earth and sold to a wh*re master. After months of suffering and fighting she was finally bought by our very scarred hero Tarek. He was a Medic and couldn’t ignore a badly injured Human. And he was in awe of her courage and fighting spirit.

    Tarek was huge and heavily scarred which everyone points out at him all the time. Women completely ignore him and men gives him wide berth. The first time

  • Shasha

    Don't be afraid of the title

    This was so sweet! And sexy. The heroine was abused(off the page), the h saves her, and she recovers under his sincere interest. The friendship grows into more with a tease of a happy ending.

    Mature content

    Read in KU