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The Picture of Dorian Gray

Written in his distinctively dazzling manner, Oscar Wildes story of a fashionable young man who sells his soul for eternal youth and beauty is the authors most popular work. The tale of Dorian Grays moral disintegration caused a scandal when it rst appeared in 1890, but though Wilde was attacked for the novels corrupting inuence, he responded that there is, in fact, a terrible moral in Dorian Gray. Just a few years later, the book and the aesthetic/moral dilemma it presented became issues in the trials occasioned by Wildes homosexual liaisons, which resulted in his imprisonment. Of Dorian Grays relationship to autobiography, Wilde noted in a letter, Basil Hallward is what I think I am: Lord Henry what the world thinks me: Dorian what I would like to bein other ages, perhaps....

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The Picture of Dorian Gray Reviews

  • Nayra.Hassan

    بسهولة شديدة يستحيل البياض سواد لكن كم هو صعب إعادة البياض لقلب اسود مختوم بالمعاصي..مفتون بالاثام..كقلبك يا دوريان♥

    هذا وجهه سمح و ملامحه وضاءة تشع نور

    و هذا وجهه فظ غليظ خشن حجب نوره

    هل وجوهنا تحمل اثامنا؟

    هل تجاعيدنا =خطايانا

    بالطبع لا☆ و الا لما كان في اللغة تعبيرات مثل و أسفر عن وجهه. .او اماط اللثام عن ملامحه الحقة... فالشيطان جميل دوما

    هل تعبر ملامحنا عن صفاتنا ؟

    بمرور الزمن ..نعم ..لهذا كلنا نخاف مرور الزمن..و بصماته التي يتركها حول العيون المبتسمة دوما ....او الجباه العابسةللابد..لكن تظل ا

  • Barry Pierce

    So I read all of Wilde's plays a couple of years ago but for some reason I never read this at the time. This is probably the number one most requested book for me to read. So I read it. Are ya happy now!? ARE YA!?

    I really rather enjoyed this. Well, obviously. I mean, did you honestly think I wasn't going to like The Picture of Dorian Gray? It's by Oscar Wilde for fuck's sake. His prose is like spilled honey flowing across a wooden table and waterfalling onto the floor beneath. The viscous liquid

  • Emily May

    "The sitter is merely the accident, the occasion. It is not he who is revealed by the painter; it is rather the painter who, on the coloured canvas, reveals himself. The reason I will not exhibit this picture is that I am afraid that I have shown in it the secret of my own soul."

    And so begins this tale of art and sin. I would highly recommend first watching the movie Wilde starring the wonderful Stephen Fry, it is a film which takes the audience on a journey through the life of the tormented w

  • Fabian

    Perfect, exquisite, everything that was promised to you. This one has quite a high degree of FOLLOW THROUGH. "Gray" is majestic, about the superficial love for oneself. It poses many questions, and as a book of ideas, perhaps the most innovatory in the latter part of the 19th century of them all, it is exactly what a reader wants. Absolute flawlessness, like the young Dorian himself. It's ESSENTIAL. Indeed, the pinnacle of Gay Lit. Comes to us in the rare tradition of too-good-to-be-true, actual ...more

  • Paula

  • Emily (Books with Emily Fox)

    (3.5) This reminded me of why I like classics. Some parts dragged on too long but I enjoyed it overall!

  • İntellecta

    From Dorian's emotional movements, Lord Henry's advice, or Basil Hallward's soulfulness, it is possible for one to take a deeper look into himself and to make new solutions to social behavior. There are many auspicious conclusions to be drawn. The work is original, and the work shines in anarchist accents within this authenticity.

    It is a work to be considered, questioned and scrutinized...

    Zitat: "ich habe die Weiber, die einen lieben, satt. Weiber, die einen hassen, sind viel interessanter."

  • Scoobs

    Oh Dorian. Oh Dorian.

    When I first read this book in the fruitless years of my youth I was excited, overwhelmed and a blank slate (as Dorian is, upon his first encounter with Lord Henry) easily molded, persuaded, influenced, etc.

    Certain Wildisms (Wildeisms?) would take my breath away. Would become my mottos to believe in. To follow. To live.

    Lines like:

    "It is silly of you, for there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about."

    "But beauty, real